Bungeishunju October Special Issue - Notice of Publication

We are pleased to announce that we have been featured in the October special issue of Bungeishunju in color on the first five pages of the magazine. We would like to introduce our products used for the interview.

Hello everyone. Thank you for reading our articles. Today, we would like to let you know that our shoeshine was featured in a wonderful book.

Bungeishunju is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, and the founder, Hiroshi Kikuchi, wrote at the time of the first issue, "I am tired of saying what I am asked to say. I want to say what I am thinking and feeling free to say it without any concern for readers or editors.

I was reminded of how independent and free this book is, and I feel that it is very close to our company motto, if I may be so bold. The commemorative first issue, with contributions from our friends Ryunosuke Akutagawa and Yasunari Kawabata, sold out in just three days. What a cool book "Bungeishunju" is!

We were very happy to have our shoeshine featured in such a wonderful book, so we thought we would introduce it here so that you can read it as well.

The content of the book is very concise about shoeshine. It is also very precise in terms of why we should polish our shoes and condenses my usual ramblings into about 1% of the book. In the book, he also mentions the future of my shoeshine business.

He says, "Sneakers are trendy these days, but if you take care of your leather shoes, they will shine like never before and you can wear them for decades. Many people have recently discovered the true joy of shoe polishing and have turned it into a hobby.

Polishing shoes with single-minded devotion also has the effect of toning the mind. It is also fun to ponder philosophical questions such as why people are attracted to beautiful shoes. In the future, I would like to make it into a "path" like the tea ceremony. Shoeshine is so deep that I believe it is also a way to improve oneself.

I know this may sound like a load of hogwash to you, but I hope that this kind of value will spread to those around you. Whether you polish your shoes on a regular basis or not, we hope this article will give you some hints.

So today, we would like to send you an announcement of the magazine's publication, and would appreciate your kind attention.

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