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Brift H SHOESHINE GIFT BOX [Natural colorless set

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A set of Brift H products packed in a special wooden box (fir tree). The box is filled with tools for a full course of shoeshine.
Contents] Horsehair brush (made in Germany), pig hair brush (made in Germany), THE CLEANER (SOFT), THE CLEANER (for MILLOR SHINE), THE CREAM (NUTRAL), THE WAX (NUTRAL), 2 red flannels, 5 cloths for removing dirt

This set is perfect for those who are just starting out with shoeshine, so please give it as a gift. A gift for a coming-of-age celebration, a new member of society, a promotion, a new job, etc. It is the perfect way to celebrate a promotion, a job change, or any other new start by putting a firm footing on your feet.
All of these sets are combined with NUTRAL (colorless) creams and waxes. We also have a BLACK set available for those who often wear black shoes.
This characteristic box is dyed with the same oil used to dye the handles of Edoya brushes, which are very popular among Brift H products. We highly recommend this item for those who own Edoya brushes.
One for the family, please!

Size: W27cm x D18cm x H9cm

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This product is also sold in our store, so it may become out of stock due to time lag. Please understand in advance.

Material Wood
Country of origin Japan

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