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THE CLEANER for Mirror shine [130ml].

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Large volume version of Brift H Original Mirror Polish Remover Cleaner

This cleaner removes the thick layer of wax created by mirror polishing while dissolving it.
With conventional cleaners, the use of cleaners repeatedly to remove the wax layer can damage the leather, but with this cleaner, the wax layer is removed while dissolving. However, this cleaner is designed to melt the wax and wipe it off without damaging the leather. This cleaner has been formulated so that the wax can be melted and wiped off without damaging the leather.
This is a slightly more economical large-capacity version than the standard 50ml can, so we recommend this size for those who want to use a lot or for repeat customers.

If you are a mirror polisher, it will surely make your shoeshine life more enjoyable.
Brift H proudly recommends this essential item for shoe polish rubbers.
It can also be used to remove stains from bags and leather items in general.
*When using on light-colored leather, we recommend that you try it on an inconspicuous area and use with care. Please note that some leathers may fade or stain.

This is the product page for the large 130ml can.
If you would like to order the regular 50ml can, please click here.This way Please refer to the page below for the regular version.
Ingredients are the same for both.
50ml: 1,540 yen including tax
130ml: 3,080 yen including tax


*About the inventory
Please note that the product may be out of stock due to a time lag since it is also sold at the store. Please understand in advance.

Material wax, oils, organic solvents
Country of origin Japan

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