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THE LEATHER SOLE OIL sponge bottle type

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THE LEATHER SOLE OIL sponge bottle type

This is a new container type of THE LEATHER SOLE OIL, which has been a familiar standard product. Until now, we had to soak oil into a brush or cloth and then apply it to the sole, which was time-consuming and often left our hands sticky, and the oil was consumed quickly. That is why we created this sponge bottle mold. After six months of testing, we have adopted a highly durable sponge that can withstand the roughness of leather soles, so you can apply oil without hesitation.

The content is the same as before, with only natural ingredients made from several types of vegetable oils and vinegar. It makes leather soles more supple and has a disinfecting effect thanks to the power of vinegar.

We hope that all leather shoe lovers will have a bottle of this product in their home.

Effective use
Shake the product well before applying it. It is OK if the color of the entire leather sole becomes darker. If you apply too much, the sole may become excessively soft, so do not apply too much, but just enough to darken the overall color. The frequency of use should be about once every two months.
If the oil gets on the upper, it will cause stains, so be careful and concentrate when applying!

Capacity: 70ml

About the stock
Please note that the product may be out of stock due to a time lag because it is also sold at the store. Please understand in advance.

Main ingredients Vinegar, vegetable oil
Country of origin Japan

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