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polishing cloth

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Cloth for mirror polishing, necessary when applying WAX over and over.

The raised texture of the flannel fabric is reduced to facilitate application of THE WAX, which has a high wax content.

The cloth is dyed in Brift H's original color, a deep red with a hint of burgundy, for a subdued impression.
It is an indispensable partner for mirror polishing.

Size: approx. 8 cm (width) X 50 cm (length)

One Point Advice.
We have our own unique way of wrapping cloth that can be used without waste, top and bottom, inside and out.

We have a video showing you how to roll the cloth. Please refer to the video for reference.Click here Please refer to the video.

This product is not suitable for removing stains or wiping off creams, as the nerf fabric will stick to the leather. It is also not recommended for mirror polishing light-colored shoes, such as white or beige, as the color of the red nellie will transfer to the shoe.

Cloths for removing stains and wiping cream dry are available separately.
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Material Cotton

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