What is the power of THE CLEANER?

The major step in the shoe polishing process that determines the "beauty" of the shoe is dirt removal. Only after old creams and waxes on the leather surface are completely removed can the leather be polished to a transparent shine. To do this, an excellent cleaner is necessary, and "Miracle" will surely be a strong ally.

THE CLEANER for mirror shine, also known as "Miracle", was created as a cleaner specialized for removing wax from mirror-polished shoes.

Wax film is very tough, and it is extremely difficult to remove it with water-based cleaners. Therefore, people had to use organic solvents such as thinner, ligroin, and acetone to remove wax, or beat the wax surface with a pig bristle brush to remove wax.

If you use strong solvents to remove stains every time, the surface of the leather will be damaged, becoming nubuck-like and fluffed up. Repeating stain removal over and over again with water-based cleaners until the stain is removed will also damage the leather in the same way.

Therefore, Miracleaner was developed to dissolve and remove only the old cream and wax on the surface of the leather without damaging it. Everyone who has used it has been surprised by its high removal power and impressed by its ease of use, and keeps coming back for more.

It is in the form of a paste, which is like a soft wax (like a sherbet that is about to melt), and when you take a cloth and blend it with old cream and wax on the surface, it will melt and wipe off with the cloth.

Since it is not a liquid, it does not soak into the leather and does not damage the leather itself. Rather, it is designed to wipe off surface dirt while protecting the leather with oil, so the leather will feel moisturized.

It is recommended to use a small amount on light-colored leather, as it may darken the color a little.

Also, since it contains a lot of oil to remove the stain while protecting it, some people use a liquid cleaner to remove the stain again after using the Miracle Cleaner, but you don't have to go that far. It is just like not completely rinsing off hair treatment; it is gentler on the leather if there is a little oil left.

We would like you to take advantage of this "remove stains without damaging the leather" characteristic of the paste type and use it to remove stains from bags.

Compared to shoes, bags are mostly made of painted leather, and there is a risk that too strong a cleaner will dissolve or damage the paint on the surface. Therefore, the Miracle Cleaner is very effective in removing dirt while protecting the leather.

Please use this product to remove stains from white and light-colored leather bags that will be used in the future. By wiping gently and repeatedly, the color of the bag will return to the color it was when you bought it. Do not overdo it, as it may remove the surface paint, so be careful not to overdo it.

(Right) After removing stains (Left) Before removing stains

Wallets can also be cleaned in the same way, so please use this method frequently to clean your wallets. Good tools for good leather products. Please try Brift H's original professional goods made from a shoeshiner's point of view at your home as well.

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