Brift H Product Communication] Practice of Neckties

Many of you have started a new life with the new school year in April. We want to keep our feet beautiful and our necks tightened up to get into the spirit of the new year. This time, we would like to introduce a special order tie from Brift H, which has been a standard item since 2017.

Atto Vannucci" is a top quality necktie manufacturer completely handmade in Florence, Italy.

Since 2017, Brift H has been placing special orders for solid ties in small quantities each season, and we are proud to carry their specialties.

The "Sette Pieghe" is synonymous with Atto Vannucci. Unlike normal neckties, these ties do not require a core and are made using a "seven-fold" method with plenty of fabric.

It is an all handmade tie made by SEVEN FOLD's President Kaga, who inherited the company's factory and craftsmen, which was on the verge of going out of business, and the smell of this handiwork creates an atmosphere that shoe lovers cannot resist.

When wrapped around, it has a very three-dimensional feel, and the luxurious atmosphere is an aura that sets it apart from ordinary ties.

If anything, I think it goes better with a softly tailored Italian Classico suit than a British suit. It is also a perfect match for jackets with an atmosphere that is not too stiff.

The length may vary a little (please forgive the handmade nature of this item). The total length is about 150 cm to 152 cm, so it is suitable for people with a height of 170 cm to 180 cm.

For those who are petite or wear high-waisted pants, I think it would be fashionable to wear it with a longer small sword. This is a style that is still accepted today, as it reminds many people of the great Italian fashionista Franco Cominucci.

At Brift H, in addition to solid ties, we also place special orders for patterns on a whim, but we always aim to have the most standard solid ties in our store.

A solid tie is so useful that it can be said that a man's closet should have as many solid ties as possible. We would be happy if you could decorate not only your feet but also your neck with a touch of glamour.

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