BLACK FEBRUARY 2024] Black Dyeing Campaign

The "BLACK FEBRUARY 2024" black hair dyeing campaign, which was held last year and was well received by many people, is now being held at our stores. This year, due to the late start, we are accepting applications until March 31 (Sun.), so please take advantage of this special opportunity.

Next to the full shoe polishing course, "Recolor" is the most popular menu at Brift H. This menu consists of dyeing the leather and finishing it with a polish.

The color is removed until the very last minute so as not to damage the leather too much, and then the leather is dyed. This is not a common process in chain stores, but dyeing the leather itself, so it is possible to change the color while preserving the natural texture and quality of the leather.

If the color is painted, the surface will be crushed by the paint and lose its natural look, and it may also peel or crack.

The weak point of the dye color change method is that the colors that can be dyed are limited, and only colors that are darker than the current leather can be used. Also, it is difficult to change the color of brown to blue because the original leather color will be pulled out, but depending on the leather, we may be able to do it, so we conduct tests and simulations before accepting the order.

The most popular color on the Recolor menu is black dyeing. Black is a color that can be dyed any color. It is the color that Japanese people prefer most for shoes because it is easy to match with clothes.

Some customers say, "I haven't worn this color in a while.

"I bought these shoes, but they're not really the right color for me.

"I've stopped wearing them because of the stains and dirt.

We have received a lot of positive feedback from our customers that they have started to wear these shoes a lot after they have been reborn.

We started this project last year, and we have received so many shoes that we were able to breathe new life into them. As a craftsman, we are able to take orders for black dyeing in bulk, which allows us to prepare dyes and processes in one place, thus increasing our efficiency and making discounts like this one possible.

The Recolor menu, which normally costs 18,700 yen, will be offered at 16,500 yen.

Please check the details below.

[Period] 2/22~3/31

[Price] ¥16,500 (tax included)

[Delivery time] Approx. 2 months


We are looking forward to seeing you at our Brift H stores.

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