Spring Shoeshine Pride Contest - Results Announced!

We held a shoeshine contest titled "Spring Shoeshine Bragging Contest". Thank you very much for all the entries. We are pleased to announce the winner of the Grand Prize. Who will be crowned the winner?

The cherry blossoms have already fallen and the fresh green leaves are now pleasant to the eyes. We held the "Spring Shoeshine Contest" to encourage people to spend the most pleasant time of the year on their feet, and we would like to thank everyone for the many entries received by the closing date of March 31!

The theme was "Spring in Full Bloom," so we received many spring-like shoeshine photos. The theme of the competition was "Spring Blossom", so we received many spring-like photos of shoeshine.

The Grand Prize】

Gz Jr's brown chukka boots!

The gradation of the antique color is beautiful and the shoes are very well polished. I especially appreciated the fact that it was taken outside, and the photo conveys an upbeat feeling that makes you want to go outside, befitting the theme of "spring is in full bloom.

I guessed from the photo that he probably attempted the antique finish by himself by the difference in the width of the gradation on the left and right sides. Even for us professionals, it takes a skilled hand to achieve a well-balanced antique finish, so we are looking forward to seeing more of his work in the future.

Gz Jr. will receive a cherry blossom drawing SHOE SHINE BOX by Hasegawa as the grand prize for sending us this wonderful photo! It's not very flattering, so please think of it as a taste (laughs). We will send you a set of cream and other items to match your chukka boots, so please look forward to their arrival.

We also have a number of other great photos of the boots, which unfortunately did not win the grand prize, but we will post them here.

The brown plain toe is wonderfully tailored. The grainy leather is still and elegant. These shoes make me want to take a stroll somewhere with beige or white cotton pants for spring.

These full brogues are cute and look like a cat sunbathing in the nice sunlight outside, probably taken on a deck. The shoes have just the right amount of shine to make you want to walk around a lot. The butterflies on the laces are beautifully tied, giving us a glimpse into the character of the wearer. The shoes must be happy to have a wonderful wearer.

Overall, these dark brown quarter brogues are wonderfully polished. The luster is perfect and the leather is strong from the filmy sheen as if an oil-based cream was used. The polish was excellent, but I would have loved to see pictures of the shoes worn in a spring-like setting or with an outfit, rather than indoors. I love the gold laces.

The combination of the shoes with the cute heels and the soft leather is perfect for the elegant sheen that is not too shiny. I think the impression would have been different if the photos had been taken outside, such as by a river or in a meadow, where you can feel the spring.

I would like to introduce many more photos, but they would be quite long, so I will try to hold back and limit myself to just this few. We apologize to those we could not introduce.

As with any shoe, there is an angle at which the shoe looks most attractive. In human terms, there is a certain angle that looks best, like a "dominant face", and shoes definitely have this angle. If you take pictures of your shoes from the right angle and at the right distance, you can make them look more attractive!

We would like to hold a shoe-shine bragging contest on a regular basis in the future, so please enjoy your daily shoe-shine memories and take a picture of your shoes whenever you are good at it.

We are planning to hold a "Summer Shoeshine Bragging Contest" next, so please join us!

Brift H Representative Yuya Hasegawa

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