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ATTO VANNUCCI × Brift H Knit Tie

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ATTO VANNUCCI x Brift H Knit Ties

A top quality tie maker, completely handmade in Florence, Italy. ATTO VANNUCCI is synonymous with "Sette Pieghe". Unlike regular ties, these ties do not require a core and are made using the "seven-fold" method, which uses a large amount of fabric. SEVENFOLD's president, Mr. Kaga, was on the verge of going out of business. The president of SEVENFOLD, Mr. Kaga, has taken over the company's factory and craftsmen, which was about to close down. This product is not made by Sette Pieghe.

This 100% silk knit tie is perfect for spring and summer suit and jacket styles. It is thicker and firmer than other knit ties on the market. Knit material often gets worn out after several uses, but this is a top quality silk knit tie, so its durability is incomparable to those of other knit ties. The tightness of the tie is unbearable, especially when it is tightened.
Only three colors are available for special order, which are easy to coordinate with each other. Black, Navy, and Olive.

The black color is the coolest when worn with a gray suit and white shirt, and the navy and olive colors are sure to be stylish when worn with a colored jacket. The navy and olive colors are a little thicker, so they balance each other out perfectly. A little difference makes a big difference. Please add it to your coordination variations!
Size: Length 148 cm (with a slight margin of error), width of the large sword 8 cm

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Material 100% silk
Country of origin Italy

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