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ATTO VANNUCCI x Brift H THE solid tie

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ATTO VANNUCCI x Brift H THE solid tie

A top quality tie maker, completely handmade in Florence, Italy. ATTO VANNUCCI is synonymous with "Sette Pieghe". Unlike regular ties, these ties do not require a core and are made using the "seven-fold" method, which uses a large amount of fabric. SEVENFOLD's president, Mr. Kaga, was on the verge of going out of business. The company's factory and craftsmen were on the verge of closing down, but President Kaga has taken over and is managing the company.

This tie is a special order of Brift H. This is the only tie that we have ordered and vowed to continue selling as long as Brift H exists. It is an unusual situation for a shoeshiner to place a special order for a tie in the first place, and we, as shoeshiners, can only offer a solid tie to the fashionable people who come to our store to have their shoes shined. We sell them with this in mind, and we can confidently recommend them to you.
The three colors are, from the left in the photo, "navy," "dark brown," and "dark navy. Until now, we have only sold it in stores, but since there are many people who cannot come to the store in Corona, we would like to introduce it in our web shop as well.

The silk with exquisite luster is folded into seven pieces by hand without using an iron, so it has a sense of fluidity and luxury that cannot be expressed in the solid ties of the area. If you are a man, you should wear a solid tie without saying a word. This is why solid ties are so important in these times. Please have one in your closet!

Size *Please note that there are differences depending on the color. Size: (dark brown, navy length 148cm, width of large sword 9cm) (dark navy length 152cm, width of large sword 9cm)

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Material 100% silk
Country of origin Italy

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