New arrivals: Brift H 15th Anniversary goods.

To celebrate 15 years in business, we have created two special shoeshine products "as sharp as Brift H". This time, we have collaborated with eeseett&co, the same company that produced the "Shoeshine coat" for our 10th anniversary. The products will be limited editions, so please buy them as soon as possible!

Brift H was established in 2008 in Minami-Aoyama and celebrated its 15th anniversary this year. We have continued to take on challenges with pride as the world's first counter-style shoeshine store.

It is thanks to each and every customer and each and every pair of shoes that we have been able to continue until now. We also could not have continued our evolution without the cooperation of the many people involved who support our quality improvement. Thank you all very much.

The founder, Mr. Hasegawa, loves this brand, and under the concept of "quaint clothes that do not fade over time, so that his grandchildren can eventually wear their grandfather's clothes," he has been working on a brand that combines the tailoring techniques he learned at the Imperial Household Agency tailor and SavileRow, the home of tailoring, with the punk spirit of London. The products are the result of repeated meetings with the designer, Mr. Junmei Nakazawa.

The first one is "Shoeshine apron".

We have always insisted on dressing up to polish shoes at the counter, but this time we dared to create a dressy apron. The classic navy striped fabric is 100% wool, a solid English suiting fabric.

The luxurious black leather used is an original calf made especially for this apron. The leather was created with the leather of Yves Saint Laurent's rider's jacket in mind.

The upper half of the apron has a small pocket for a polishing cloth or shoehorn, and is decorated with leather in a design reminiscent of shoes.

The neck part can be adjusted in four levels with a button system, and although it is difficult to see in the photo, the belt is thicker at the neck part, which is designed from a craftsman's point of view so that the wearer will not get tired even after wearing it for a long period of time.

The front part of the lower body is largely made of leather, and nothing beats leather for durability. It also has a feature of becoming more shiny as it is used more and more.

The large leather, if you look closely, has a design reminiscent of an "H". As for the waist attachment, we decided on a button system after considering various options such as a belt system.

Please fasten it where you feel most comfortable with the seven buttons attached, and the punk rock feel of the studs is also hard to resist. It also has a pocket in the back, making it functional for work.

The matte black D-can is for hanging a chain. It would be great if you could wear it with the shoe horn crochet we created for the 15th anniversary.

Lastly, the size is made to be free size, and the length is set so that it covers your knees even if you sit on a chair. This is because when you use it at home, you may sit on a chair and polish your shoes on your thighs, so we made it longer from a functional point of view so that your clothes will not get dirty.

This is a shoe shine apron that can be worn at home or at work.

The second is "Shoehorn clochette.

There are many shoehorns in the world, but when I thought about what kind of shoehorn to make, I wondered if I could make a shoehorn look like an accessory and wear it. When I saw a clochette made of eesett&co's suit fabric, I thought, "This is it! I thought, "This is it!

Although it looks easily sewn, this item is entirely hand-stitched by Nakazawa. The shoe horns were also made in matte silver to match the two eesett&co rivets that were placed for reinforcement.

The shoe horns are designed to stick out a little from the crotchet, giving the shoe horns a mischievous "akkambeh" look. A Brift H logo pith name was also created and sewn on for this purpose.

You can wear it around your neck or slip it through your belt loop and keep it in your pocket. This is a shoe horn made with our best effort to make it fashionable to carry a shoehorn or shoehorn. We hope you will enjoy them as accessories.

Since both are limited editions of 15 items each, we hope that you will be able to get your hands on these two sharp and unique Brift H products for the 15th anniversary.

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