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A coat like the one worn by a solitary shoeshiner on the street.

It has been 10 years since we opened our store in 2017.
To commemorate our 10th anniversary, we have created a shoe shine coat for shoeshiners to wear, a long-held dream of ours.

Mr. Junmei Nakazawa of eesett&co was the one who created the Shoe Shine Coat. Mr. Hasegawa, the president of Brift H, has been a fan of the brand since its establishment and wears it most often. It is the coolest brand with punk elements based on classic tailoring.

Designer: Junmei Nakazawa
Six years at Uehara Clothing Store under the Imperial Household Agency warrant.
3 years at Denman&Goddard, a long-established SavileRow shop
Trained in tailoring and cutting at Bespoke
Worked at AlexanderMcqueen
Designed and patterned for Grenfell
Founded Iycet & Co. in 2013

I had always wanted to make a uniform (coat) for craftsmen to wear when they work, but I didn't want it to be like a typical store coat.

Brift H was born from a street shoeshine store. We wanted to keep the punk feelings of its founding in mind, so we couldn't imagine making an elegantly clean coat.

A coat like the one worn by the lone shoeshiner on the street."
With this image in mind, we made a request to Mr. Nakazawa.

A coat worn by a solitary craftsman who solemnly polishes shoes on the street with his collar up in winter and his arms rolled up in summer.

Split raglan (special design with raglan shoulders from the front and normal arm lines in the back), elbow patches, waist belt and a total of six pockets.
The arms can be rolled up to accentuate the cut fabric, and another roll can be buttoned up. It can be changed by the craftsman's work.

A punky zip in the chest at an angle.
A plump, gusseted pocket at the lower left chest, accented with beige fabric.
The outside hip pocket is double-layered and gusseted for strength and capacity.
Inside left and right hip pockets are large enough to hold a bottle of whiskey.
The front is finished with a winged design to prevent the buttons from touching the shoes, and the cuffs can be rolled up in two positions.
The back hem can be adjusted by opening and closing the buttons or by using the belt.

(S) Length 90 cm, shoulder width 37.5 cm, body width 84 cm, sleeve length 54 cm
(M) Length 107 cm, shoulder width 42 cm, body width 108 cm, sleeve length 60 cm

Material 100% cotton
producing country Japan

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