Brift H

Brift H 15th Anniversary / Shoehorn clochette

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Limited edition of 15 shoehorn crochets made in collaboration with eesett&co to celebrate Brift H's 15 years in business.

The crochet is entirely hand-sewn for this purpose, and is threaded with a brass shoe horn in matte silver to match eesett&co's rivets. The shoe horn sticks out a little from the crochet, giving it a mischievous "open-eyed" look. A Brift H logo pith name was also created and sewn on for this purpose. You can wear it around your neck or slip it through your belt loop and keep it in your pocket. This is a shoe horn made with our best effort to make it fashionable to carry a shoehorn or shoehorn. We hope you will enjoy it as if it were an accessory.

Material: wool, brass
Country of manufacture: Japan

chain length 90cm / crochet length 9.5cm, width 6.5cm (largest part) / shoehorn length 10.4cm, width 4cm

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