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Brift H 15th Anniversary / Shoeshine apron

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Limited edition of 15 aprons produced in collaboration with eesett&co to celebrate 15 years of Brift H

We have always insisted on dressing up to polish shoes at the counter, so we decided to create a dressy apron for this occasion. The classic navy striped fabric is 100% wool, a solid English suiting fabric. The luxurious black leather used is an original calf made especially for this apron. The leather was created with the leather of Yves Saint Laurent's rider's jacket in mind.

The upper half of the apron has a small pocket for a polishing cloth or shoehorn, and is decorated with leather in a design reminiscent of shoes. The neck part can be adjusted in four levels with a button system, and although it is difficult to see in the picture, the belt is thicker at the neck part, which is designed from a craftsman's point of view so that the wearer will not get tired even after wearing it for a long period of time.

The front part of the lower body is made largely of leather, and nothing beats leather for durability. It also features a glossy finish that increases as it is used. The large leather, when viewed closely, is designed to resemble an "H". As for the waist attachment, after considering various options such as the belt type, we decided on the button type.

Please fasten it at the place where you feel most comfortable with the seven buttons attached, and the punk rock feeling like studs is also hard to find. The back pocket is also functional for work wear. The matte black D-can is for hanging a chain. It would be great if you could wear it with the shoe horn crochet we created for the 15th anniversary.

Lastly, the size is made to be free size, and the length is set so that it covers your knees even if you sit on a chair. This is because when you use it at home, you may sit on a chair and polish your shoes on your thighs, so we made it longer from a functional point of view so that your clothes will not get dirty. This is a full-length shoe shine apron that is good to wear at home or at work, and we stuck to the particulars.

Material: Wool, cowhide
Country of manufacture: Japan

Length: 99 cm, upper body part 32 cm, lower body part 67 cm, width when laid flat 95 cm (104.5 cm including waistband), chest part (side width) 41 cm, waist part neck cord approx. 56 cm

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