Brift H's official online shopping site] Annual Sale!

Starting today, December 9, we will be holding our annual sale! We will be offering a variety of products selected from our shoeshiner's point of view at very affordable prices, so if you have been wondering about them, we hope you will take this opportunity to get them.

This year will be over in just a few more days. We hope it has been a good year for all of you. For us, it has been a year of relief as we have seen a gradual return of demand for shoeshine, as many of us have been busy with our feet since the end of the Corona disaster.

However, it is still impossible to connect people deeply without the act of meeting them in person.

As an old man once said, "Don't pay me, just show up.

How important it is to take time out of your own precious time to meet the person you are meeting. Sending flowers to congratulate the person is wonderful, but going to see the person in person to congratulate him or her makes him or her happy that you went out of your way to see them.

In this age when we can make anything happen at our fingertips, we should be proactive in creating opportunities to put on our shoes and show up.

Now, the story has changed dramatically, and today, December 9, we will hold our annual sale!

As a shoeshine shop, we have been producing and selling various items other than shoeshine products, but we feel sorry to leave the cute children we produced more than a year ago that are not yet in the hands of our customers, just lying there. We are having a sale because we feel that it would be a pity to leave these cute children that we created over a year ago and have not yet handed over to our customers.

We hope that those who have been curious about them will take this opportunity to acquire them.

First of all, we would like to show you some of the items that we collaborated with at the "Brift Western Wear Store" held in 2022. The theme color was "midnight blue," and we asked each craftsman to create a handmade item that has not yet left the store.

This is a blouson by MORIMOTO, a bispoke leather jacket brand. It is a specially made model with a design inspired by the old Yves Saint Laurent leather blouson.

The leather is made of luxurious goat, which is both supple and durable. It is a really cool leather blouson that combines masculinity and elegance without being influenced by trends.

Next is a safari shirt by bespoke shirt craftsman RYO IKEDA. This safari shirt has a beautiful collar that shows Mr. Ikeda's individuality, a long length with roomy arms, and can be used as a cool jacket even when worn oversized.

The fabric is HARRISONS REGENCY, a long-established British manufacturer, made of 100% wool with a beautiful sheen and a very rich, thick fabric with a shimmering feel.

This hat is made by Koji Shimowada, one of the few bispoke hat makers and well supported by fashionistas around the world. 1937-1941 was a masterpiece representing US Army military hats.

Originally made of denim, this hat is now made of midnight blue cotton twill. The M-37 has been reborn with a more modern look.

Lastly, Crevaleathco, which was the talk of the town at the recent Isetan Leather Expo, is a brand that makes full use of craftsman Nishimori's skills, not to create something completely new, but to make existing products easier to use and better looking through unique handcrafting and innovation. The simple design allows you to enjoy the texture of the leather and the quality of the leather.

The leather is carefully selected and hand-stitched with precision and durability, and this wallet was made by special order from Brift H. It has a round zip and is made of a deep navy leather that is almost black, a color that is not commonly used.

As a sign of our respect for these wonderful craftsmen, we cannot offer a large discount rate, but we are holding a 50% off sale on other items such as T-shirts and aprons.

We have put a lot of thought into each of these goods, so we hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to purchase them. The sale will end as soon as the items are gone, so please consider taking advantage of this opportunity.

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¥253,000 JPY
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¥77,000 JPY
eesett&co×Brift H Shoe Shine Coateesett&co×Brift H Shoe Shine Coat
On sale

eesett&co×Brift H Shoe Shine Coat

¥35,200 JPY ¥70,400 JPY
MAKE SENSE × DRESSSSEN special order apronMAKE SENSE × DRESSSSEN special order apron
On sale
Brift H BIG Logo Long T-shirtBrift H BIG Logo Long T-shirt
On sale

Brift H BIG Logo Long T-shirt

¥2,750 JPY ¥5,500 JPY
THE SHOESHINE & BAR electric sign T-shirtTHE SHOESHINE & BAR electric sign T-shirt
On sale
On sale


¥1,400 JPY ¥2,800 JPY