(Top image: Photo of THE WAX lined up)

There are many shoe polishing waxes in the world, but which one do you use? Brift H's original wax is based on the concept of ``the world's brightest wax,'' and was created from the perspective of a shoe shine craftsman after 9 sample creations. Why not make your favorite shoes shine even more?

(Top image: Photo of THE WAX lined up)

“Don’t you make Brift H original wax?”

I have been creating original products with shoe polish cloth, brushes, creams, and cleaners from the perspective of a shoe shine craftsman, but I thought there was no need to make wax because there were already enough good products in the world.

However, there is one thing I would like to improve with the waxes available in the world. This is because when you first start using a new product, it is "too soft" and does not have a mirror finish. So, back then, when I started using new wax, I opened the lid and let it dry for a week or two before using it.

We often called it ``dry wax,'' but we wanted to avoid the hassle of doing that, and it doesn't always work, and sometimes we dry it too much, or it gets mixed with dust, and the only problem is that it's ``too soft.'' I've always wanted to improve.

So, I decided to create a wax that is easy to use, like dry wax, and instantly gives a mirror finish when you first use it. Although they were satisfied with the wax available in the world, they started producing professional wax for themselves.

It's the same logic as when Mr. Ralph Lauren declared that LEVIS jeans were the best, but created jeans for the people who worked on the ranch he owned, which became RRL.

(Image: Wax photo)

First of all, why is new wax "too soft"? It is too soft because there is a lot of organic solvent used as a diluent in the combination of wax, oil, fat, and organic solvent, which are the main components that make up wax.

Therefore, by opening the lid and letting it dry, the organic solvent will evaporate and the wax components will become concentrated, resulting in dry wax that is easy to use and easy to shine.

So, we started by increasing the amount of wax to the maximum possible level in the formulation to create a super hard wax. I remember being surprised at the first prototype, which was made of wax and cloth so hard that I wondered, "Is this a candle?" From there, we repeated prototype production and verification nine times while fine-tuning the formulation. This THE WAX is finally completed.

(Image: Photo showing colors)

We call it "hard wax" because it can be used from new without the need for drying. Even if you don't want a shiny mirror polish, it's perfect for applying a thin layer to give your shoes a little shine, as a small amount will give you a good shine, so please use it to protect your shoes.

Since the wax is hard from the beginning, be sure to close the lid tightly after use to prevent it from drying out. We have a variety of colors available, so if you use the right one to match your favorite shoes, you will get a more beautiful color.

Try the wax made from the perspective of a shoe shine craftsman at home.

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