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THE WAX (2 light tone colors)

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Brift H original wax.
This wax was created by YAZAWA Corporation based on the concept of "the world's shiniest wax". Based on YAZAWA's standard product, which was a hot topic among shoe polish enthusiasts, the product was completed after 9 times of sample creation.

First of all, the wax content was increased to the maximum level, right up to the limit of the hardness that can be applied.
Therefore, there is no need to let it dry like normal waxes, and it is hard from the start, so it can be used immediately.
Since it bites into the leather very well, the first base film is formed quickly, and the initial speed of mirror polishing is increased.

However, it may take some getting used to.
Because the wax content is maximized, if you apply more and more like normal waxes, the surface will become thicker and more blotchy.

The trick is to first apply a thin layer of base wax with your fingers.
The trick is to first apply a thin layer of the base wax with your fingers, and then apply a small amount of wax after that, so that a film is formed fairly quickly. (It may take some time to get used to this process.)

Another feature of this wax is that it is relatively resistant to cracking even when applied to creases and other places where the leather bends.
This is due to the fact that the wax is made of a high grade carnauba wax, which has good adhesion to the leather and does not peel off easily.

The container is a screw can in order to prevent the solvent from volatilizing, and also because the tonbo type is fragile.
Please close the lid tightly after use.

Capacity: 50 ml

*Do not use on brushed leather or other special leather.

*About stock
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Material Wax, oils, organic solvents
Country of origin Japan

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