About "THE CLEANER" Miracle

Brift H proudly recommends an essential item for shoe polish rubbers, known as Miracle Cleaner. It is a miracle product that can be used to clean not only shoes but also leather items in general.

The culture of leather shoes came from Europe, and now Japan is the world's leading leather shoe country. Even Ryoma Sakamoto could not have imagined such a future.

Shoemakers trained abroad and those who learned shoemaking in Japan have opened custom-built shoe stores, and the number of such shoemakers is one of the largest in the world, and they are all highly skilled. Shoe repairers are also among the most skilled in the world, and their meticulous repairs that restore shoes to their original state are undoubtedly the best in the world.

Our shoe polishers also have the world's top polishing skills. Shoe polishers from all over the world are constantly checking on Japanese shoe polishers and becoming followers of their skills and shoe polishing tools.

One of the shoeshine tools born in this geeky Japan is a solid cleaner.

Until now, the mainstream cleaners have been "liquid lotions" or "tube-type creams. Most foreign products are still either of these two types, but if you just want to remove normal dirt and old cream, this is fine.

However, many products are not effective on shoes that have been polished to a mirror-like finish, and many products do not remove the oil-based wax that has become a film on the shoes. On the other hand, strong liquid cleaners can remove the wax well, but they are too strong and often damage the silver surface (surface of leather). Therefore, "solid cleaners" are mainly used among shoe polish lovers and professionals these days.

There are many good points, but the first is that it is in the form of a solid paste, so it is easy to put on a cloth and not to put too much on the cloth, which is a good point for beginners. Also, when you apply it to the surface of the leather and wipe it off to blend it in, you will be surprised at its power to remove old creams and waxes. You will be surprised at the power of this product. The cloth will turn black (laugh).

The most important thing is that it does not damage the leather. It is like a woman's makeup remover. It is applied to the surface and then removed, so there is almost no burden on the leather itself. And because it contains a lot of oil, it can remove stains while protecting the leather, so it is highly recommended for shoes that will last a lifetime.

The great thing about this cleaner is that it is also highly effective for leather goods in general. It removes stains while protecting the leather, so it can be used to clean bags, wallets, belts, and even jackets.

Please use this cleaner on your bags and other items to clean them very well. It will be very useful for brightly colored leather goods in the coming spring and summer season, as the stains will be noticeable.

One last point: after using this cleaner, you may feel a little oil left on the leather. Some people are bothered by this and wipe it off with a liquid cleaner at the end, but I personally think it is fine to leave it as it is.

Personally, however, I think it is fine to leave it as it is, because this little bit of remaining oil will protect the leather. It is similar to the feeling of not completely rinsing off hair treatment, but leaving a little bit of oil. The phrase "too much is better than too little" is aptly applied to shoe polish.

We encourage everyone to review their shoeshine tools for the new fiscal year. Bravo to Japan, the shoeshine capital of the world!

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