New menu "The First Protection set

When you buy a pair of shoes, go to Brift Ash! A new menu for new shoes is now available. At last, that backroom menu will become an official menu.

We are always happy to receive many requests for pre-maintenance, and we are happy to be entrusted with the initial care of leather shoes that will be with us for a long time to come.

We recommend this menu to all leather shoe lovers and those who want to become leather shoe lovers.

The title of this menu is "Things you should do to keep your new shoes for a long time! Here are the three things we recommend and a special menu!

Polish before putting them down

First of all, our craftsmen at Brift Ash realize the importance of polishing your shoes before you put them down. The condition of the leather and the degree of pain will be very different. The wax protection by creams and waxes is not enough.

If your new shoes get rained on, they are very easy to get stained and scratched when you bump them. If I buy a new pair of shoes, I want to start wearing them tomorrow! Hold on to that feeling and take them out for polishing first!

2. TOE Steel

Have you ever worn out your toes too fast when you started wearing new shoes? Leather shoes do not have a sole that turns until it gets accustomed to your foot, and you end up walking with your toes kicking up your legs.

The toes are worn out before the soles are worn out. By adding steel to the tip, toe reduction can be prevented.

3. Half rubber

Shoes that you like and buy are the ones that get a lot of use, and before you know it, they have holes in the sole after only a year or two! Suddenly it rains while you are out and the road surface is wet! The leather sole gets wet! And so on.

However, if you put half rubber on the sole first, you can wear them for a long time by replacing the rubber every few years without damaging the sole of the main body. We are aware that the number of people who wear their shoes down after making sure the leather sole is protected and in perfect condition is increasing year by year.

4. Wrinkle Filling

Finally, Brift H's backroom menu is now an official menu! We have been responding to requests for wrinkle insertion. It is a tradition before taking down the shoes for the core customers to have a "wrinkle insertion ceremony".

Of course, the fitting is affected by the wrinkles, but it is also a very core menu item to put wrinkles to your own liking! In fact, it is not only for the core customers, but it can also prevent wrinkles from forming on the caps of straight tips, which is a common design when it comes to leather shoes.

We want you to wear your favorite shoes beautifully for a long time. We have made the first custom for leather shoe rubbers into a single menu item! If you order all of them together, you can get a special price than single items.

New menu "The First Protection set "
・Pre-polishing (pre-maintenance)
・TOE steel
・Half rubber

Reception] At Brift H stores
[Reception start] from 3/1
[Price] ¥12,490 (tax included)
[Delivery time] about 2 weeks


We are looking forward to seeing you at our stores.