Brift H Product Communication" THE CREAM 50ml is now on sale.

We are pleased to announce the release of a 50ml size of our most valued original product, "THE CREAM". We hope you will try the convenience that the regular size does not offer for a variety of uses.

THE CREAM" used to be available only in the regular size (75ml), but we have received a lot of requests such as "I can't use up all of it," "I can't buy it only for shoes of a different color," and "I can't buy it for shoes of a different color. or "It's a waste to buy it only for shoes of a different color. We have received many requests for a smaller size, such as "I can't use it all.

Since THE CREAM is manufactured by a cosmetics company and uses many organic ingredients, the recommended use-by date is one year. If the cream is left too long, the wax in the cream will harden and become lumpy and lumpy. (*We recommend heating the cream in hot water and stirring it to fix the problem.)

) Because of these characteristics of the cream, we would like you to use it up within a year. (*We want the cream to be used up within one year, or two years at the most. This is why we have decided to release a 50ml size this time.

In addition to the 11 colors that have been available up to now, we are also planning to bring back the "Cigar" and "Gray" colors that were sold in limited quantities in this miniature size. Please take a look at the coloring of the regular lineup again.

The coloring of THE CREAM is done by our representative, Mr. Hasegawa, alone. It is a handmade craft cream, so to speak. The reason why we do our own coloring is because we are a cosmetics company that does not handle coloring with dyes.

In addition, the distribution of dyes is kept a trade secret, so that only Hasegawa himself can make the products.

Each color has its own theme, and we pinpoint the color to match the shoes we polish at Brift H. For example, we use light brown to match Trickers shoes, or burgundy to match Alden cordovan shoes, etc. As a result, we use high quality shoemakers.

As a result, the lineup is versatile since it is made for the leather used by high quality shoemakers, and surely one of them will be applicable to the shoes you own.

If you have a color of cream that you don't have yet, why not try 50ml? The color of the leather will be more vivid and beautiful. We hope that many of you will take a chance on these shoes and that you will be able to share them with your beloved shoes for a lifetime.

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