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THE CREAM (two red colors)

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Brift H's original shoe cream.
Brift H has polished tens of thousands of pairs of shoes to arrive at this cream. It was created to prolong the life of leather and to create elegant luster and suppleness. Developed in cooperation with a cosmetics company, the ingredients are so good that they can be applied to human skin without any problem. The bottle was carefully selected to be light-shielded and to maintain its quality.

Applying it with bare hands while warming it up will give you better results.

*Not for use on raised or cloth materials.

Capacity: 75ml

The cream is available in a total of 11 colors, but this part number sells mahogany and burgundy.

Click here to watch a video introducing the cream.

Advice from a Shoeshiner
Mahogany/reddish brown color is good for EDWARD GREEN mahogany shoes.

Burgundy/It has a slightly stronger purple color, and is a perfect match for ALDEN's burgundy cordovan. Of course, it can be used for other burgundy, but it is especially recommended for cordovan.
Due to the nature of the product, there is a possibility that the wax may harden into white grains under prolonged low temperature environment. This is not a problem in use, but if you are concerned about it, please try warming the product to melt the wax content and fix it.

About the inventory
Please note that the product may be out of stock due to a time lag because it is also sold in our store. Please understand this in advance.

Material Water, fats, oils, waxes
Country of origin Japan

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