Practice of Stefano Bemer Leather Goods

Stefano Bemer, located in Florence, Italy, is a bespoke shoemaker loved by celebrities around the world. The company is known as the "wizard of leather," using a wide variety of leathers to create sturdy, masculine, and lustrous shoes that reign supreme in the Italian shoe industry.

Stefano Bemer" in Florence, Italy, may be well known to many people who enjoy high-class shoes.

The founder, Mr. Stefano Bemer, who regrettably passed away in 2012, started his career as a shoe repair and polishing craftsman. One day, a local aristocrat complimented him on his work and showed him a collection of John Robb's bespoke shoes that he owned.

He is also known as "the wizard of leather," and his shoes, made from a wide variety of leathers, have attracted celebrities and luxury shoe enthusiasts from all over the world.

Stefano Bemer's private order event is held every September at Brift H's Aoyama store. We have known Stefano Bemer for about 10 years now, and every time we hold this event, we fall in love with his beautiful shoes.

The products introduced here are leather goods that we purchased about five years ago and had put in storage. They are also made of other leather goods and are very rare in Japan.

This one is a bi-fold type and has no coin purse, so it can be used smartly with just cards and bills or with receipts and coins. This is recommended for those who prefer to keep their coins in their pockets. It is thinly tailored so that it does not look bulky even if you put it in an inside pocket of your jacket.

The leather is made of "horse front" which is stamped in Russian calf style on the neck of a horse, and it gets better as you use it.

The card case is divided into three sections, with 15 card pockets and a slit for cards, so it has excellent storage capacity.

If you have a lot of cards, there is no better card case than this. The size is small but thick type.

I would love to fly around the world in such a passport case! This luxurious passport case by Bemel makes you think, "I wish I could fly around the world in such a passport case!

It is very simple tailoring. I would like to use it for the rest of my life.

This is a collaboration with Brift H. It is a product that could be said to be a mirage, born from a request from our representative, Mr. Hasegawa, for a leather bracelet by Stefano Bemer.

The buckle is handmade by a silversmith in Florence, and is made of silver that ages beautifully. It is available in two types of leather: wild cow leather called Kudu and horse front. It has a cutout and is tailored to cross beautifully.

All of our inventory is one of a kind, so if you are interested, please consider this item.

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