This month's must-buy! Good night summer shoes, good morning fall/winter shoes!

The typhoon season is almost over and fall is finally here. It is important to take care of your shoes when you put them away. Here are some tips on how to store your summer shoes.

As soon as the typhoon season is over, autumn is in full swing, and winter will soon be here before you know it. The seasons change so quickly that we tend to change our clothes late in the season. That is why today I would like to talk about how to take care of your summer shoes before putting them away.

Loafers and other casual shoes, leather sandals, and other shoes that you have worn a lot during the summer and will be putting away until May, when you will start wearing them again, will be sleeping in a box or in a shoe rack.

First of all, the soles and linings (inner leather) of shoes soak up a lot of perspiration during the summer. You can remove some of the salt by washing them in water, but this is a bit difficult, so leave it to a professional.

If you use THE ANTIBACTERIA SPRAY, a disinfectant whose main ingredient is a "pyguanide" that does not damage leather, you can clean the inside of your shoes with confidence. Apply about 3 pumps of the sanitizer to a cotton pad or tissue paper, soak it in, and wipe the inside of the shoe thoroughly.

Next, let's look at the upper part of the shoe. There are a lot of invisible dirt and grime on the upper. If they are left in the shoe as they are, this can cause mold to grow, so it is important to remove the dirt thoroughly.

We recommend THE CLEANER (SOFT) cleaner. It is sold as a weak lotion type cleaner among our products, but it contains about 30% alcohol in its ingredients, and the lotion component protects the leather while sterilizing it.

Finally, apply cream to the leather to prevent it from drying out and hardening during the fall and winter months. In this case, we recommend THE CREAM in NATURAL color.

Since you want to apply the cream only for the purpose of preserving the leather, spread a thin layer of the pure, colorless NATURAL color over the entire surface. Then brush the surface thoroughly to avoid unevenness and wipe it dry until the surface becomes smooth and dry.

Finally, dry the shoes in a well-ventilated place in the shade for 3~4 hours to let the leather breathe fresh air, and then it is time to store them. The best way to store your shoes is to leave them on the shoe rack to allow air to flow through them, but if you prefer to store them in a box, we recommend that you wrap them in a "happy yellow turmeric cloth" and put them away.

This turmeric-dyed cloth is often used to preserve tea cups and art objects, but it is also suitable for preserving leather goods due to its high insect and bacteria resistance. It is also suitable for storing leather goods because of its high mothproof and bacteria-resistant properties.

It is important to store your precious shoes not only when you polish them, but also when you put them away.

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