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MAKE SENSE × DRESSSSEN special order apron

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The apron brand "DRESSSSEN", created by food coordinator Junichi Goto, uses thick canvas that becomes more durable as it is used more and more, and the aprons are simple but full of attention to detail. This time, MAKE SENSE has specially ordered this apron. The apron is famous as the apron worn by Yui Aragaki in the TBS drama "Escape Ga Shame ga Yakuwari".

MAKE SENSE is a shoe repair brand newly started by our company. As the name suggests, we propose "reasonable" repairs." We operate in front of JR Otsuka station with the motto "SMART, SIMPLE, CLEAN".

The apron with DRESSSSEN was made to express the brand concept of MAKE SENSE. It is reversible and has the message "MAKE YOU SMILE" and "TRUST ME" written on it, so it depends on the mood of the day as to which one is visible. I, who am often doubted, usually put TRUST ME on the front (laugh) (according to Hasegawa).

The brand name secretly placed on the inside of the pocket and the buttonhole-style cutout on the front of the chest are small places where the spice of humor is effective. This cutout is surprisingly convenient for inserting a pen or hanging up a pair of glasses. And anyway, it feels good to wear.
Please wear it when you polish your shoes and let it age by repeatedly getting it dirty and washing it.

Color: Umblemished (Raw-red)

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Material 100% cotton
Country of origin Japan

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