Storage of Leather Shoes in Summer - Recommendation of Yellow Turmeric Cloth for Happiness

Summer is still going on. Happy yellow turmeric cloth protects your precious leather goods with antibacterial and mothproof effect. Here are some tips for storing your precious shoes.

Summer in Japan is a trouble-prone time for leather shoes. Starting from the rainy season, guerrilla downpours, and typhoon season in mid-summer, there is a high risk of getting hit by rain, and you also have to be careful about the high temperature and humidity.

With the recent casualization of the "Cool Biz" style, summer is also a time when people are less likely to wear lace-up shoes, and boots and other autumn/winter shoes are often left unused. If you store your leather shoes incorrectly in Japan's hot and humid climate, they may get moldy and your beloved shoes may suffer a terrible fate. So today, I would like to talk about the storage of leather shoes during the summer season.

Mildew can easily grow when the following three conditions are met: high temperature, high humidity, and nutrition. First of all, mold fungi are said to be most active at temperatures between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius, which is not so high. On the other hand, heat above 60 degrees Celsius will kill most mold fungi.

It is humid, but becomes active at 80% or more. I think there are many houses with comfortable humidity in the living room but hot and humid at the entrance, so we have to be careful. On the other hand, if the humidity is below 60%, it becomes more difficult for mold to develop, so it is effective to place dehumidifiers nearby or in shoe boxes.

And lastly, nutrition. Organic matter is a source of nourishment for mold. Organic matter is mostly dirt, such as human grime, food, and soap scum. Therefore, it is important to thoroughly remove dirt and sterilize it before storing it away during the summer.

In this regard, if you apply too much cream before putting them away, they will also become nourished, so it is recommended that you finish with the cleaner and add cream before you start wearing them in the fall and winter.

The trouble with mildew is that once it grows, its roots remain in the leather, making it easy for it to reappear. So, with the determination to never allow mold to grow, even once, I urge you all to do the same! We would like to ask everyone to treat their beloved shoes properly with the determination not to allow mold to grow even once.

And this time, we would like to recommend "happy yellow turmeric cloth and bag" for storing such leather shoes.

Since ancient times, turmeric dyes have been used to protect valuables from insects and bacteria by being used as a cloth to wrap kimonos, tea cups, and works of art. This product was created to use this antibacterial and mothproof effect to safely store leather shoes and bags.

By spreading it over a shoe box and wrapping the shoes in it, it reduces the occurrence of mold. The bright yellow color, unique to natural turmeric, is also pleasing to the eye. Our representative, Mr. Hasegawa, said that he puts it over the shoes on the shoe shelf. When spread out, it covers about four pairs of shoes and prevents dust from covering them, killing two birds with one stone. Please try using it in this way as well.

We also sewed the edges of this cloth together to make a bag. You can use this also for storing shoes, but we highly recommend storing leather bags.

It is difficult to store bags wrapped in cloth, so we have made them into bags. Please put your precious bags in this bag and keep them safe.

Lastly, this product was made at a facility for people with disabilities in Okinawa Prefecture as part of their labor support program. Each item is hand-dyed by the people at the facility. Because everything is done by hand, there are slight differences in the dyeing and sewing of each item, but we hope you will enjoy these differences as a value.

Summer is still continuing. We hope you will store your precious leather products safely and use them for a long time.

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