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Brift H Happy Yellow Turmeric Bag

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The happy yellow turmeric bag protects your precious leather goods with antibacterial and mothproof effect.

Since ancient times, turmeric dyes have been used as wrapping cloth for kimonos, tea cups, and works of art to protect valuable items from insects and bacteria. When you put away your precious shoes in a shoe box, you can wrap them in this product before storing them in a safe place.

These bags dyed with natural dyes are made at a facility for people with disabilities in Okinawa Prefecture as part of their labor support program, and each bag is a hand-dyed product. Because of the handmade process, there are slight differences in the dyeing and sewing of each item, but we hope you will enjoy these differences as a value.
We have also sewn the well-known owl tag on the Brift H shoes to make them a little more charming. Please use it as a cloth to wrap not only leather shoes but also other things you want to keep carefully.

Size: 54 cm (width) X 46 cm (length)

One Point Advice
The size of the bag is such that it can hold a large bag. It is useful for storing bags in a storage cabinet.

When storing the bag for a long period of time, wipe off dirt from the entire bag with a brush or cleaner and hang it in the shade for half a day before storing it away to prevent mold from growing on the leather.

Precautions for use
If washed too often, the antibacterial and mothproof effect of turmeric will fade quickly, so it is fine to wash only after it becomes too dirty. If you want to store it in a shoe box, please see here for the cloth type.

"Brift H Happy Yellow Turmeric Cloth"

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Material Cotton

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