Introduction of Brift H Repair Factory

Brift H stores also offer shoe repair services in case your shoes are deteriorated or damaged. This time, we would like to introduce our popular "Vintage toe steel" menu.

Shoes are important items that greatly influence our fashion style and impression, but they can also deteriorate depending on daily use and climatic conditions.

As Brift H Lab, we repair shoes at our repair factory in Oiso, Kanagawa Prefecture, using advanced techniques and specialized equipment. Our excellent craftsmen carefully carry out repair work to restore shoes to their original beautiful condition.

We have received many requests for shoe repairs in our online shoeshine service, which started this spring. We are now offering shoe repair services through our online shoe shine service as well.

Even if you live far away from us, you can use Brift H's service to keep your shoes beautiful.

This time, we would like to introduce our most popular menu among many requests, "Vintage toe steel", also known as VTS. This is a repair to reinforce the toe with steel, which has already become a common practice among shoe lovers.

In fact, we often do this repair together with pre-maintenance on new shoes.

This is because leather soles in new condition are still hard, and if worn as they are, the toes will be scraped off strongly when stepping on them.

Therefore, steel can be installed from the new state to protect the toes from asphalt.

Of course, it is also possible to install the steel after the shoes are worn. Shoe repair is often associated with replacing the toe, but the toe may be just as susceptible to shaving as or more susceptible to shaving than the toe. Please pay attention to the toes of your shoes.

Brift H offers shoe shine and repair services for many shoe lovers. Beautiful shoes can be enjoyed for a long time in their original state, but sometimes they need to be repaired as well as polished.

We help our customers with their precious shoes with our reliable skills and sincerity. We hope you will take advantage of Brift H's services, which will extend the life of your shoes and enhance their beauty.

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Online Shoeshine Service

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