Must-Buy of the Month! Sponge Shoe Tree Recommendation

In fact, it is a versatile product that can be used for a variety of purposes. It can be used for both displaying and using. We would like to introduce a hidden best-selling product, "Sponge Shoe Tree," which is sometimes out of stock.

You often see shoe polishers using black-tipped shoe trees. Many of you must be wondering what that is.

We are not sure of the official name, but we call them "sponge trees." Originally, they were used for displaying shoes, but our president, Mr. Hasegawa, said, "Sponge trees fit all types of wood shapes and rub leather, so they are just right.

The sponge is widely recognized as a shoe tree for shoeshine.

The tip of the sponge is wrapped in a raised velvet material. The raised velvet material gives the sponge a luxurious look that is perfect for men's shoes, but it also has the bonus function of removing dust from the tip of the shoe when it is inserted into the shoe and removed.

I think this is just a coincidence, but it also has the effect of cleaning the inside of the shoes.

The spring-loaded adjustable function allows it to be used for shoes ranging in size from 23 cm to 27 cm, and it is also compatible with women's shoes.

Once the sponge is firmly inserted into the tip of the shoe and attached, the toe and heel parts are held firmly in place from above. This will stretch the wrinkles and allow you to polish the wrinkles as well.

The most important feature of the shoes is that the leather can be rubbed. When applying cream to the vamp area, where the wrinkles appear, try massaging the leather. You will feel the leather fibers relax and soften, just like a stiff shoulder. This is something that wooden shoe trees cannot do.

Sponge shoe trees, which are ideal for polishing shoes in this way, are actually a hidden bestseller and are often SOLD OUT on our website. We recommend that you purchase both pairs, as they are originally sold as a single pair for display purposes.

Last but not least, the SpongeBob Tree is a sponge tree. The sponge tree is not as durable as a wooden shoe tree, so please pull it out slowly when removing it from your shoe. If you pull it too hard and vigorously, the sponge part will often come off and break.

We hope you will prepare for the coming fashionable fall season with our shoeshine equipment.

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sponge shoe treesponge shoe tree

sponge shoe tree

¥4,950 JPY
Shoe tree (Brown)Shoe tree (Brown)

Shoe tree (Brown)

¥13,200 JPY