Ingredients of "Brift H Product Communication" THE CREAM

THE CREAM" is the best cream that has been created through a process of trial and error. The creams in the world are simply following the quality labeling, but in fact, they are completely different. We hope you will be pleased to learn more about it.

In this article, we will discuss the secrets of THE CREAM.

Many shoeshine enthusiasts use this cream, and they often ask us, "I heard it is made by a cosmetics company, what is so good about it? What kind of ingredients are in it? We are often asked.

For cosmetics, the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law requires the listing of ingredients, but shoe creams are not required to list ingredients because shoe creams are in the category of household goods. However, since shoe creams are not required to list ingredients since they are in the category of household goods, most shoe cream manufacturers list "fat," "wax," "moisture," "organic solvents," and so on.

However, it is not that simple. "Fat" can be animal or vegetable, and "wax" can be either natural or petroleum-derived. Wax" can be either animal or vegetable wax. There are waxes that not only add shine, but also waxes that are like oils with high leather-retaining properties.

THE CREAM is also made from a mixture of 28 different ingredients, although it is simply described as "water," "fat," and "wax. In reality, however, it is made from a mixture of 28 different ingredients. Look at the labels of lotions, milky lotions, hand creams, shampoos, and other products that you use in your daily life. You will see a lot of ingredients written in katakana, and THE CREAM is no different because it is also a cosmetic product.

Due to an agreement with the manufacturing factory, we cannot disclose all of the ingredients, but we will disclose the main ingredients here. Of the 28 ingredients, many are used to stabilize the quality of the product, so we will pick out the ones that have a leather-retaining effect.

Squalane: A natural moisturizing ingredient derived from the liver oil of sea sharks.

Shea butter: Oil from the seeds of the shea butter tree. Shea butter makes leather moist.

Jojoba seed oil: oil from the jojoba plant, said to be the ideal serum for all skin types.

Lanolin: animal fat, also known as wool fat, is a strong emulsifier and blends well with moisture. It provides animal oil to leather.

Carnauba wax: Wax that covers the surface of the Brazilian wax palm leaves; it has the highest melting point and produces a marble-like luster.

Bee's wax: The wax that makes up the hive of the honeybee.

The above ingredients are excerpted for ease of understanding, but cosmetics companies have told us that if they were sold as "cosmetics" they would not be able to sell them at the current price because they contain many luxurious ingredients with cosmetic specifications (laugh).

Nutritional cream is like a meal for leather products. Just as your health and body shape change depending on what you eat, your leather shoes will age differently after 1, 3, 5, or 10 years depending on what kind of cream you apply (or eat). Please nurture your shoes with the best cream made of only natural ingredients.

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