Must-Buy of the Month! Shoeshine Mail Order Recommendations

We are pleased to announce that we have started selling our main business, shoeshine, on our official online store. In addition to the advantage of being able to easily use the service from a single pair of shoes at any time of your choice, it is also ideal as a new type of gift.

As the official online store of Brift H, this site sells original goods and selected products, and we are pleased to announce the release of a long-awaited product that we have spent a long time preparing! That's right, we will be selling shoeshine, our core business, by mail order!

You may be thinking, "Mail order shoeshine? You may be thinking, "Mail order shoeshine? Please read on for a brief explanation.

We have been offering home-delivery shoe shine service at Brift H stores for a while now, but the service itself will not be changed much. The only thing that will change is that it will be more convenient and less time-consuming.

The official product names are "Online Shoeshine Service [Normal Plan]" and "Online Shoeshine Service [Easy Plan]".

The "Normal Plan" requires you to place your order on the website, pack and ship your shoes yourself, and have them delivered to Brift H Lab in Oiso Town, Kanagawa Prefecture. You can choose how many pairs of shoes you would like to have polished when you place your order.

For the [Easy Plan], after you place your order on the website, we will send you packing materials and a shipping slip for the number of pairs you request. You can put the shoes in the box, paste the slip included in the package, and request a pickup at the post office to complete the entire process at home.

When you order, you will be asked to fill out an "order sheet" to indicate which shoes you would like polished and by what type. If there are no special requests, our craftsmen will apply the most appropriate polish for your shoes.

If your shoes need to be repaired, we will contact you for a separate estimate. We will return your shoes to you in about one week after receiving them at "Brift H Lab".

The above is a very brief explanation, but the shipping fee is included in the price of the product, so you can easily use Brift H's shoeshine service with a very simple and easy-to-understand pricing.

Incidentally, the shoes are polished by skilled craftsmen at "Brift H Lab," a secret base that includes an office for our mail-order business and an atelier for more difficult procedures (such as recoloring and water washing). Please note that you will not be able to pick up your order or place a detailed order at any of the Brift H stores.

If you have a more detailed request, or if you would like to communicate with us while making your request, it is better to use the shoe shine delivery service directly to each store.

We are very happy to be able to sell our shoeshine service, which is our core business, through a mail order site. We hope that many of our customers will be able to use our professional shoeshine service easily and conveniently.

We think it would be wonderful if you use our shoeshine service not only for yourself but also as a gift for your loved ones.

We will continue to do our best to make your feet shine, and we hope you will use our service.

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Online Shoeshine Service

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