Crevaleathco order meeting

Crevaleathco's order meeting to be held at Brift H Aoyama store. For the first time in about 3 years, we will invite Mr. Nishimori, the owner and craftsman of Crevaleathco. He is a genuine craftsman who sews until just before going to bed. Please come and take a look.

Crevaleathco has many lovers among gentlemen all over the world.
Crevaleathco is a brand that makes full use of the skills of Nishimori, a leather craftsman who is said to be a magician of materials and colors, based on the concepts of "Craft," "Renovation," "Leather," and "Communication" (

Rather than creating something completely new, we take existing products and make them easier to use and better looking by our own unique handmade and innovative approach. You will become attached to them and want to use them for a long time. The simple design allows you to enjoy the texture of the leather and the quality of the leather.

We also use carefully selected leather for production. The hand stitches are stitched with unmatched precision, combining beauty and durability, and are aimed at surprisingly delicate areas. The careful treatment of the leather on top of that gives you a wonderful sense of satisfaction the moment you hold it in your hand.

Normally, we only accept pattern orders, but this time we will be holding a Bespoke Order Session, where customers can change the design according to their wishes.

This special order session is only possible because Mr. Nishimori will be in the store. How about taking this opportunity to create a leather accessory just for you?

Details of the order session

6/1 (Thu) - 6/5 (Mon)
*Mr. Nishimori will visit the store on 6/3 and 6/4. He will be available for direct orders.

Order prices
Business card case (through gusset) ¥27,500-
L-zip multi-case ¥30,250-
R-zip multi-case ¥44,000-
Money clip ¥32,450-
Fold wallet with coin purse ¥63,800-
Long wallet III (with coin purse) ¥66,000-
Round zip wallet 80,300~
L-zip clutch bag with lock ¥154,000~

Delivery time:
about 5 months

Special material for this time
We have prepared three very rare "indigo-dyed crocodiles". The value of the crocodile has been increasing year by year, but we have asked them to prepare them for us.

We have changed our stocking and now have the highest quality crocodile from Polosas (Irie Crocodile). How about taking this opportunity to order an item that will last a lifetime?

If you would like to order while talking with Mr. Nishimori, please visit the BriftH reservation site or call the store. We also accept online orders for customers who are too far away to come to the store.

Brift H Aoyama Store Phone: 03-3797-0373
Click here to make a reservation.

Finally, we hope you enjoy the photos of Crevaleathco's wonderful creations. We look forward to seeing you at our store.

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