Introducing Ayame socks

Long haul socks are a gentleman's best friend. Four companies that fell in love with the legwear brand Ayamé's socks jointly produced a line of longhorns.

Socks are indispensable as a companion to shoes. The socks that peek out from the gaps between them make a big difference to the fashionable look of your feet. Not only will it make your shoes look good, but it will also enrich the look of your shoes by adding a twist of quality socks.

This time we introduce special longhorns made in collaboration with Ayamé. These socks are not normally made by the brand, but are specially ordered in original colors.

Ayamé is a Japanese legwear brand founded in 2007 by designer Megumi Agaoka. Ayamé's products are created based on the concept of "combining the atmosphere of the times with craftsmanship and constantly exploring new knitting expressions. Ayamé's products have their own unique expression and warmth. Their original knitted fabric expressions and gorgeous colors have attracted attention and are highly appreciated around the world, along with the quality of their made in Japan products."

In order to produce these socks, four companies, RENDO, 92, Brift H Sapporo, and Brift H Aoyama, gathered together and held meetings to jointly create a special order of these special socks. Each brand color is incorporated into the color scheme of the socks.

Shoe maker RENDO, popular with shoe enthusiasts, has used a different and exotic color throughout the socks that can't be described as green or gray. The famous shoeshine store 92 in Hiroshima uses navy for the △ part of the socks' pattern. And Brift H uses orange, the theme color of the Sapporo store, with red, the color of our polishing cloth.

The pattern is a mysterious geometric pattern that creates an exquisite nuance in the gap between the feet. It gives color to men's fashion, which tends to be monotonous, with a sense that is typical of female designers. The patterns here are all woven, not printed. These super high quality socks are made possible by Japan's amazing technical capabilities.

We think it is important for leather shoe lovers to have not only a great design but also a great quality. We hope that everyone who is particular about their shoes will use these socks and play with the space between their feet.

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