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Ayame socks [Limited edition special order from 4 companies].

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Ayamé Socks [Limited edition of four companies' special order hosiery

Ayamé" is the legwear brand of Mr. Agaoka, a sock designer who is active in both Japan and the UK. These long-hose socks were jointly produced by four companies that fell in love with his socks.

The four companies are RENDO, 92 ninty two, Brift H Aoyama, and Brift H Sapporo. The image color of each store brand is used in the fabric of the socks. The grayish green on the left is the RENDO color. The maroon color on the right is the color of Mr. Agaoka of Ayame. Fashion starts from the feet up," so a gentleman should not show his shin hair. So, we asked him to make long haircuts for us. Ayame's long hose are very rare, so we recommend them to all gentlemen who enjoy wearing fashionable shoes. They also make a great gift idea!

About Ayamé
Ayamé is a Japanese legwear brand established in 2007 by designer Megumi Agaoka. Ayamé's products are created based on the concept of "combining the atmosphere of the times with craftsmanship, and constantly exploring new knitting expressions. Ayame's unique knitted fabrics and gorgeous colors have attracted much attention and are highly appreciated around the world, as well as the quality of "Made in Japan".

Size: Men's free size
Actual size: 1.5" x 1.5".

*About the stock
Please note that the product may be out of stock due to a time lag because it is also sold at the store. Please understand beforehand.

Material 100% cotton
Country of origin Japan

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