This month's must-buy! Recommendation of THE LEATHER SOLE OIL

THE LEATHER SOLE OIL is a well-known standard product! If you are one of those who do not have sole oil, please use it to care for your shoes. Please use it as your favorite shoe care companion. We are proud to introduce our new product.

When you hear the word "shoe polish," you may immediately think of taking care of uppers, but in fact, taking care of leather soles is also very important.

Leather soles are made of natural tanned leather, which is durable and hard like wood, so they can withstand walking. In addition, the leather is highly hygroscopic, which is a great feature, and has the natural ability to release moisture inside the shoe, making the shoe less likely to get stuffy.

The tannin used in tanning is mainly natural astringent extracted from persimmon and chestnut trees. The tannin is soaked in a tank full of this astringent (tannin) liquid for about six months to slowly undergo chemical changes over time, resulting in a wood-like texture. It is a very interesting phenomenon that the use of plant tannins can change the atmosphere to that of a plant.

Even though they are durable, if they are left without any care, they will become less durable as they dry out and the soles crack, or wear out faster in the first place.

Therefore, we recommend that you apply sole oil regularly. This oil is specially formulated to nourish and soften leather soles, making them easier to walk on and more durable.

Brift H sole oil is composed of several vegetable oils and vinegar. It is a very natural oil that does not contain any petroleum derivatives.

The vegetable oils work well with vegetable tanned leather and soak into the leather easily. Vinegar also has a disinfectant effect and prevents the growth of mold on leather soles. This is a good solution to the problem of fungus growing on leather soles after walking on wet surfaces in the summer.

There are two types of Brift H sole oils. The first type of sole oil comes in a bottle and is applied with a brush or sponge. It is always popular because it is easy to see the remaining amount and has the same lightproof bottle and gold label as other Brift H products.

However, sole oil is a bit difficult to handle because it is sticky on the hands, and when dripped on shoes, it can cause stains. To solve this problem, we created a plastic bottle of sole oil with a sponge.

This product is often said to look like kumquat or ammeltz, but we have made it with a lot of care.

The reason for this is that we made the sponge at the tip of the bottle very durable. It took us about a year to decide on the container, because we had to verify which sponge was durable enough to be used on a leather sole from among many samples before we commercialized it.

The sponge was not originally designed to be applied to rough surfaces such as leather soles, so it would tear and become unusable after about 10 uses. The sponge is made of a material that will not tear even if it is used for a whole bottle (approximately 100 times), so you can use it with peace of mind.

We are trying to make products that are easy to use from the perspective of a shoe polisher so that they live up to the name "MADE BY SHOESHINEMAN. Please apply sole oil to your shoes when you polish them to finish them. Please do so.

There is one last point to note.

If you apply too much sole oil, the leather will become too soft, so please do not apply it too often, at most once a month. The recommended frequency is once every three months.

Please be careful not to apply too much, as "too much is better than too little" in everything.

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