THE CREAM Production Secrets 2

In June, we introduced the secret story behind the production of our signature product, "THE CREAM. This time, we will introduce the label and bottle that we were particular about in the production of "THE CREAM. We hope you will give your shoes the best rice (cream) as well.

As Brift H's first original product (we had already collaborated with Edoya Brush and others), we actually went through a lot of ideas on how to design this cream to become the current product.

First of all, the container.

Should we put it in a bottle, a plastic container, or find a different innovative container? I searched for container makers on the Internet, but I had to see them in person to understand what I was looking for, so I went to showrooms, but nothing seemed quite right. I thought it would be better to remake them myself, so I tried branding and pasting them on leather, but I gave up.

After much discussion with Mr. S, a strong partner of Brift H, we finally decided to put the cream in a jar to preserve it.

The cream itself is organic spec, and we wanted to use only dyes for the coloring, not pigments, so the color would fade when exposed to sunlight, so we needed a light-shielded bottle. I chose this jar because it has a large mouth, and even if the amount of cream is getting low, it is easy to reach the back of the jar and the capacity is large enough to use up the entire bottle.

I have always loved gold, so I chose a dazzling gold lid. The reason why I like gold is because it is a metal that "never rusts and shines forever. I want to keep it shining in my life and in my shoeshine business.

Now, once the container was decided, it was time to design it.

The container has to look good and have the luxury and punk spirit that is unique to Brift H. I always think about the design with designer S, and we always come up with the best design. Whenever I work with designer S on a design, we always base it on the three elements of "luxury," "punk," and "humor. I always base my designs on three elements: "luxury," "punk," and "humor. We always try to create a rebellious spirit and underlying theme rather than a bland design.

So when we were having a meeting about what kind of label to put on the label, I was asked, "Hasse, have you ever heard of the HELLO MY NAME IS sticker? I was asked. What? What's that? I replied, "It's a sticker that is usually sold at home improvement stores in the U.S. There is a street culture where people write their signatures on them and put them on the streets, and I think it's cool. He said, "That would be cool.

Noooooo! That's the best idea ever! Because Brift H originated as a street shoeshine shop and I was a skater myself, so street culture is my origin. It would be great to incorporate that into Brift H's first original product! So the design started with the HMI sticker as a base.

Mr. S suggested that we put the name of the product in the blank space where the name would normally be written. It was easy to understand and the intention was perfect, so we immediately said OK. But where to put the Brift H logo?

In keeping with the punk spirit of Brift H, we decided to put Brift H over the words "HELLO MY NAME IS"! That's what we did. Is there such a label? I thought it would be a little too subtle, but by printing it in white and black, the label is subtle or exquisite? Exquisite? The design has a subtle yet familiar feeling of discomfort. As expected of Mr. S.

What font should we use for the product name? You have all seen this font somewhere, right? It's amazing that you can answer that question in a flash, but if you take a closer look, you'll realize that you've all seen this font before.

Yes, Mr. S chose Apple's font.

The reason why Mr. S chose this font is that "the straight lines of the font give a sense of progressiveness, and it is a new classic font born in the modern age, so I thought it would be perfect for Brift H products.

Mr. S's deep thinking is unbelievable. I don't know if THE CREAM will revolutionize the shoe polish industry like the iPhone, but it is certainly innovative with cosmetic specifications and comfort that have never been seen before, so it is perfectly in line with the product background. We decided on this font without any further consideration. Aiming to be the APPLE of the shoeshine world!

Once the design was complete, the next step was printing.

To achieve the same luster on the gold lids, gold overnight printing was a prerequisite, but because of the elaborate black and white design, label printing was not an easy task that could be done anywhere. So Mr. S looked for a certain printing shop in Kyoto.

He was able to get this design printed with high quality, but the labels ended up costing 100 yen each because of his insistence. So, the reason why Brift H products are so expensive compared to other creams in the world is not only because they are top quality, but also because we were so particular about the bottles and the labels. Please forgive us for that.

The label is thick and really nice, as you can see by touching it.

Finally, the words "MADE BY SHOESHINEMAN" are written at the very bottom. This is a proof that the shoeshine tools were made by a shoeshiner.

About 20 years ago, when I started my own shoeshine business, shoeshine tools were really uninspiring compared to today's products, and I always wondered if they were made from the perspective of a shoeshiner. I always wondered, "Are they making products from the shoeshiner's point of view? That is why Brift H is always focusing on products from the user's point of view and products made by shoe-shine craftsmen, which is why we put "MADE BY SHOESHINEMAN" on our products rather than the country of origin.

I have talked about the secret story behind the production of THE CREAM for a long time again, but as I write this while remembering those days again, I feel a little sentimental and nostalgic for those days. I also thought that the design, which was fresh at first, now seems to have a standardized calmness.

Now, I would like to talk about the secret story behind the production of THE CREAM again, and I hope to talk about different particulars next time, although it will be irregular. If you have never used this wonderful cream, I sincerely hope you will apply it to your beloved shoes.

Thank you very much for reading this long article.

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