Year-end greetings

From Yuya Hasegawa to all Brift H customers.

What kind of year was 2022 for you? Every year at this time, we look back on the year and many of us are surprised at how quickly it has passed. I am sure many of you are surprised at how quickly the year has gone by. It also brought about a great change in the values of the world and changed our habits.

Shoeshiners and shoeshine companies were also in a difficult situation, as people started to wear leather shoes in business and work remotely, and business became more casual. However, even though the number of requests for shoeshine services has decreased, many people have been awakened to the charm of leather shoes by the Corona Disaster.

Some people started to polish shoes that they had been too busy to do before because they had more time to spend at home by working from home, and others started to buy good quality shoes and wear them for a long time because they wore them as consumables less frequently. Shoeshine" used to be a household chore, but now it has become a hobby.

Shine your shoes, polish yourself."
It is not so much a serious thing as it is simply that when you polish your shoes, they shine brightly and feel great when you put them on. I think this value is spreading.

Recently, many manufacturers are moving away from natural leather and using new materials, such as synthetic leather and vegetable leather, in response to trends such as "sustainable" and "SDGs". However, all of these products are not usable for a long time due to deterioration. However, these products are not usable for a long period of time due to deterioration, and the cycle of disposable products is only getting stronger. Is this the way to realize a sustainable society?

On the other hand, natural leather is a byproduct of the meat culture, and the effective use of resources is fundamental. Also, genuine leather products are materials that can become a living organism through maintenance. In these times, it is important to use and maintain natural leather products and use them for a long time instead of mass-producing synthetic leather. And I want all mankind to know the beauty of aging that only natural leather can provide, which synthetic leather cannot.

The more you use genuine leather, the more it becomes shiny and changes its expression. The more you use it, the more it becomes shiny and changes its appearance. This is the real pleasure of buying, using, and spending time with things. I believe that this is not only true for things, but also for social interaction, work, and life.

I am getting a bit stiff again, but what I want to say is, "I wish you all a Happy New Year with beautiful feet! Let's walk into 2023 with shining feet! I am sure that a wonderful future awaits us all!

We will continue to work for the development of shoeshine culture and fulfill our motto, "Revolutionize the world's feet! We will continue to fulfill our motto, "Revolutionize the world's feet", by playing our part in the development of shoe polish culture.

I wish you all a happy and prosperous year.

Brift H Representative Yuya Hasegawa