Strongest water repellency! The birth of waterproof spray

There are many waterproof sprays, but we aimed for the strongest water repellency and a formula that does not change the color of leather. Here is a behind-the-scenes look at the birth of such a waterproof spray. You will want to try it.

When did Japan become so hot? They say that fashion is endurance, but you have to get over the Japanese summer well to wear leather shoes. The worst enemy of leather shoes is rain! In Japan these days, there are many guerrilla downpours, and your beloved shoes can be ruined in a single downpour.

The most common damage to leather shoes caused by rain is rain stains. When leather gets wet, the pigment spreads through the leather toward the dry side. Therefore, rain stains become darker in the wetted contour area and become ring stains. If this happens, you should re-wet the entire surface when you return home after getting wet.

There are ways to deal with such problems, but above all, it is best to keep your shoes free from rain stains. The only way to do that is to properly maintain them on a regular basis! Maintenance does not lie.

That is why today we recommend "THE SPRAY for waterproof", the most powerful waterproof spray developed by Brift H. There are many waterproof sprays in the world, but "THE SPRAY for waterproof" is the best. There are many waterproof sprays in the world, but we, as shoe polishers, have created a spray that has the strongest water repellency to protect your shoes and a formula that does not change the color of the leather. We developed this product by thoroughly comparing it with the excellent waterproofing sprays that we usually use from a certain manufacturer.

We asked the factory that produced this product to "make it with maximum water repellency" from the beginning, and we sprayed the same amount of the first prototype and a certain waterproof spray on a natural leather (very easy to soak up water), and then dropped a drop of water on the leather to see which would soak up water first. The first prototype was a close call.

The first prototype was regrettably defeated, and we asked the factory to make it more water-repellent. We conducted the same experiment with the completed prototype No. 2, and after a quiet fierce battle that lasted about 30 minutes, in which water droplets were repelled, we regrettably lost the battle again. We were truly impressed with this certain manufacturer's waterproofing spray.

So again, we asked the factory, "What more can we do? I asked the factory to increase the water repellency to the point where I said, "I can't do it any more! After 30 minutes, a drop of water dried up and another drop was added, and after more than 40 minutes of fierce fighting, the sprayed side of the manufacturer's spray was stained with water droplets! We were able to win on the third try, and we will accept any challenge whenever and however long it takes to find a water repellent spray that can beat our waterproofing spray.

As for the "formula that does not change the color of the leather," which is another of our specialties, oil-supplement-type waterproofing sprays are excellent, but they often darken the color of the leather. Therefore, the color is colorless and can be used on any type of item, and the volume is large at 298 ml, making it a product that can be used generously under the motto of "one bottle per family".

Finally, I would like to conclude with some tips on how to apply waterproof spray. First, dust the entire surface to remove dirt, and then spray evenly from a distance of about 30 cm, watching the spray soak in. Spray it slowly and generously, as unevenness is the worst. Leave it to dry for about 5 minutes, and the waterproofing spray is complete!

The water repellent spray shown in the photo is amazing, so please keep it on hand at home and enjoy a wonderful life of leather shoes!

Yuya Hasegawa

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