Measures for leather shoes in summer Mildew prevention section

Mold is a seasonal concern. We introduce an eye-opening spray that protects your beloved shoes, which are a lifetime, from mold. This will be the solution to many people's problems during the hot and humid summer.

High temperature and humidity are the worst enemy of leather shoes. Especially, humidity is a very high risk for mold to grow on leather shoes, using dirt and old cream on the shoes as nourishment. As you may remember, July 2020 was the wettest month on record, and in Tokyo, it rained almost the entire month of July. Many of our customers brought in their moldy shoes and bags for maintenance, and with the Corona Disaster, I remember very vividly how much we had to deal with this summer regarding the sanitization and antibacterial properties of leather products.

The problem here is that sanitizing and removing mold from leather products is very difficult. This is because the "alcohol," "surfactants," and "hypochlorous acid" that are commonly used for disinfection will damage the leather. Chlorine is the worst. Therefore, we used to wipe the leather repeatedly with alcohol and sanitize it while nourishing it, and then use an ozone dryer to air sanitize it. While searching for a sanitizer that I could use on leather with more peace of mind, I became acquainted with the president of a company that produces a sanitizer that uses a pyguanide-based sanitizer as its main ingredient, a method called "asphyxiation sanitization," which I had never heard of. This sanitizer is made of ingredients that are so safe that they were originally used in the medical field, etc., so there is no damage even when applied to leather products, and we immediately adopted it for sanitization in our stores. This is THE ANTIBACTERIAL SPRAY.

THE ANTIBACTERIAL SPRAY has been proven to be effective against 668 types of bacteria, including fungus and ringworm, a common cause of athlete's foot, which is closely related to shoes. It also has a 99.999% antibacterial efficacy and lasts for one week. Since sterilization is to kill bacteria and antibacterial is to prevent them from growing, you can enjoy your life in leather shoes with peace of mind with this one product. Therefore, although this product is more expensive than alcohol and other sanitizers in the world, it is not expensive at all when you consider that mold can ruin your beloved shoes, which are a lifetime. Especially during the hot and humid months of June through September, you should spray frequently to make sure that mold is prevented. Spraying inside the shoes will also deodorize athlete's foot and shoes, so you can kill two birds with one stone.

Yuya Hasegawa

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