THE CREAM Production Secret Story

Brift H's original cream has been supported by many people for about 9 years since its launch. Here we introduce the story of how it was born and how it was completed. Please give your shoes the best rice (cream).

About 9 years ago, in 2014, we launched Brift H's original cream. Until then, I had been using mainly creams made by overseas manufacturers, but I couldn't achieve the shine and leather moisture that I wanted to express through shoe polish, so I wanted to create my own original cream someday.

I went back in time and when I was still in the shoeshine business, I visited many places to learn about shoeshine and heard and saw many stories about it. One of the veteran craftsmen I met there, who had retired from a certain shoe cream company, said something that led me to the creation of THE CREAM.

He said, "If a cosmetics company makes shoe cream, they can make a great product. Unlike shoe cream companies, we have a lot of good raw materials. But unlike cosmetics, shoe cream is not used immediately, so the market is small, and it is difficult to make it happen.

Really? Indeed! If that is the case, I will definitely ask a cosmetics company when I make my own shoe cream! I made up my mind at that time. I kept those words in the back of my mind as I continued to improve my shoeshine skills, opened my own store, and when my shoeshine business was taking shape (around 2011), I began to seriously consider the possibility of creating my own original cream. I asked him, "I heard that a cosmetics company can make an amazing shoe cream. He replied, "Oh, that's so interesting! That's really interesting! Let's do it!" With that, the development of an original cream was born.

If it weren't for this encounter, the timing, and the president's good mood, THE CREAM would never have been born. In a sense, I think it is a miracle that this project, which would never have been profitable because a small shoeshine shop ordered it in small lots, came to fruition.

By the way, at that time, I mainly used "SAPHIR" made in France and "COLONILL" made in Germany. Both are excellent creams, and each has a completely different feel and finish, so I used them according to the shoes. SAPHIR" is an oily, rich cream that is great for adding a heavy shine and color. However, it was a bit sticky and had a lot of pigment, which hid the grain of the leather and removed the original look of the leather, so I was concerned about that.

COLONILL" is very soft and stretchable, so it is very comfortable to use. After applying it, the surface of the leather becomes smooth and shiny, and I feel like I have done something very healthy for the leather. However, the gloss after application does not last long and becomes cloudy after a day, and it is very difficult to polish the mirror surface after applying COLONILL because it becomes dry. We have always wanted to create a cream that is a good balance between these two creams.

So, we asked the president of Brift H to make a cream that would have the best of both worlds! I started by handing the two creams to the president. Now I think about it, and I regret that I was so careless in asking for help. I was not familiar with chemistry, so I could only judge by the feeling of the creams and the reaction to the leather.

I think it took a few months to make the first sample, but the first cream felt a little oily, like hand cream. When I applied it to my shoes, it spread well and penetrated well, but I was concerned that it left a bit of a sticky residue after application. So I requested that the cream be formulated without this stickiness, and the second cream was made. However, it still left a sticky residue. It took about two and a half years of trial and error, but finally, we have finally developed a cream that is not sticky, but penetrates well into the leather and gives it a glossy finish.

The first thing that surprised me when I applied this cream was its ability to penetrate and moisturize leather. I was wearing shoes at the time that were on the verge of cracking, but when I applied this sample cream, the leather became fluffy, the cracks became thinner, and the wrinkles became shallower. I shivered with shock and thought, "I might have made a great cream. I was shocked and trembled.

"Mr. President! This will work! I remember saying excitedly, "You've made a great product! I remember saying excitedly. We had been using a prototype without disclosing what ingredients it consisted of, but now that it was finished, we asked them to tell us, and they disclosed the list of ingredients.

I asked for a list of ingredients and was told that there were 28 ingredients in this cream. The most obvious ones are "shea butter," "squalane," "carnaba," "jojoba oil " and other so-called ingredients necessary for beautiful skin were lavishly blended. The cosmetics company told me that the price would probably be about three times the price of a cosmetics product with these ingredients, although it is a shoe cream and cannot be too expensive. The cosmetics company told me, "It's shoe cream, so we can't charge too much for it. That is how luxurious the ingredients are for applying to the skin. That is why the quality is so high.

I can't state the name of this cosmetics company, but it is a company that usually produces mainly organic cosmetics. But in fact, THE CREAM does not sell its products as organic cosmetics. However, the product is actually certified as organic cosmetics, so please feel free to apply the cream with your bare hands. We are a cosmetics company, and we believe that it is worth producing this product in order to spread the concept of applying cream with bare hands.

So, we would like to say out loud that although there are many shoe creams in the world, THE CREAM is the only serious shoe cream that is made by a cosmetics company! I would like you to know that THE CREAM is the only serious shoe cream made by a cosmetics company. There are more and more creams that have a similar feel to shoe cream, but they are completely different, so please apply them to your shoes. Please apply the cream to your shoes. It is a food, so the life span of your shoes depends on what you eat. Please feed them the best food (cream).

We are very particular about the bottle and design of THE CREAM, and the fact that we use only dyes for coloring, so we will introduce them another time. The rainy season is the time to take care of your shoes. We encourage you to polish your shoes at home!

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