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Edoya x Brift H

Edoya's cream brush.
It was created in collaboration with Brift H.

This brush is used to apply cream to the entire shoe before spreading it with a pig-bristle brush. The curve of the handle, the length of the bristles, and the strength of the planted bristles are all designed to make it easy to use as a practical product.
Please note that the bristles are now embedded with a brass plate like other brushes, unlike the image.

The brushes must be used according to the color of the cream.
(e.g.) Black cream -> Black brush, Brown cream -> Brown brush
Brown cream -> Brush for brown cream

A brush and brush specialty store that has been in business for about 300 years since the Edo period (1603-1868). In addition to shoe brushes, they offer a wide variety of brushes for clothes, cleaning, etc. They have reliable, careful techniques and high quality.
Brift H's shoe polishing would not be possible without Edoya's brushes.

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Material Brush part: White pig hair Handle: Beech
Country of origin Japan

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