This month's must-buy! Gift Card Recommendations

The gift-giving season is coming. How about giving the gift of an experience that is not a thing? A pair of shoes will surely take you back to a special time.

Autumn has arrived and it's time to enjoy the fashion season. As Corona has settled down a bit and we have more opportunities to go out and get dressed up, I am excited to see what kind of coat I will wear this year.

Many of you may have been wearing less fashionable clothes over the past few years. Many of the ladies and gentlemen who read this blog may not feel that way, but I would like to increase the number of days in which we can enjoy dressing up and feeling elated once again.

That's why we recommend this month's must-have product: a gift card for a shoeshine experience at any Brift H store! This is a long-selling product that has been on the market for about 10 years and is actually a hidden favorite as a gift to give as a shoeshine experience.

The idea for the gift card came from a customer who said, "I'd like to give a shoeshine experience to a friend who loves shoes. At the time, we didn't even have that kind of idea, so we were impressed by how tasteful it was to give a gift of a shoeshine experience. I was so impressed.

After that, we received requests such as, "The shoes I gave my husband as a birthday present once upon a time are getting very worn out, so I want to give him shoeshine at Brift H for his birthday this year," or "I want my guests at my wedding to come with shiny shoes, so I want to give them shoeshine as a present. We also started to receive requests to give shoeshine as a gift, which we had never imagined ourselves.

We have now completed the gift cards, and each customer uses them in his or her own way as a gift. We believe that the most valuable thing is not only to have your shoes cleaned, but also to enjoy the time spent having your shoes polished. It is a different feeling to see your precious shoes being cared for and revitalized by the hands of others than when you receive new ones as a gift.

However, the service is only available at the Brift H Aoyama store, so customers who live far away from the store and have difficulty coming to the store can use the service by having it shipped to them. Also, the validity period is one year from the date of purchase, so you can use it without hesitation. Don't worry about that, too!

If you would like to nominate a craftsman, the amount of the gift card changes for each class, but you can also nominate a craftsman. For the upcoming year-end and Christmas gift seasons. As a welcome and farewell gift. For a friend who loves shoes. A gift for a friend who loves shoes. Please give shoeshine as a gift in style.

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From ¥4,900 JPY