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This gift card can be used for 10,500 yen. The card can be used as a gift certificate for purchases of shoeshine tools and other goods as well as for shoeshine repairs. This card can be used as a gift certificate for purchases at the store, such as shoeshine tools and goods, as well as repair requests.

I know he/she likes shoes, but I don't know what kind of tools he/she has, or maybe he/she wants to have his/her shoes repaired. Or maybe he/she has not experienced professional shoe shine yet. This is the perfect gift for those who are not sure.

It's up to you how you use it. It can be a birthday present for a loved one, a farewell gift for a colleague at work, a reward for a junior colleague, or a year-end and New Year's greeting.... For your friend who always visits our store with you, or for that person you want to show the wonderfulness of shoeshine.

Available at] Brift H Aoyama (Aoyama, Tokyo), THE SHOESHINE AND BAR (Toranomon, Tokyo)

Expiration date: 2 years from the date of purchase

This card is a member's card that can be used repeatedly. You can use it by charging cash or as a point card. We hope you will use this card as it is an attractive card that allows you to exchange points for various rewards.

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