This month's must-buy! Brift H original shoe tree

Shoe trees are one of the most important items for your shoes. Now that it has been revived, we would like to introduce you to the full story!

Shoe trees, also known as shoe keepers, are used to prevent shoes from losing their shape and to keep them in the same shape as when you bought them for a long time. As the name suggests, a shoe tree is made of wood. Since it is made of wood, it absorbs moisture from the inside of the shoe and breathes to improve the condition of the inside of the shoe.

When making shoes, the leather is fished into a wooden last, which gives the flat leather a three-dimensional shape that embraces the foot.

It is often said that a shoe tree is like a hanger for a suit, but without a hanger, the suit would be wrinkled and if you use the wrong hanger, the wrong part of the suit would be wrinkled and there would be strange marks.

In the same way, if shoes are not fitted with shoe trees, the soles of the shoes will warp and wrinkle deeply, and eventually cracks will occur from there. The shape of the shoe will also become distorted, and the crisp feeling you had when you bought the shoe will disappear. 。。。。 The original shoes are now worn out and the original shape of the shoe is distorted.

Brift H has been selling the original shoe tree for a long time, and now we have revived it as the original shoe tree, keeping the shape of the original tree.

We have ordered 200 sets of Brift H shoe trees from a factory that makes shoe trees for famous shoe makers and luxury brands that everyone knows.

It took more than a year from the time we started contacting the factory to the time we placed the order to the time it took for the samples to be made, the quality to be confirmed, and the arrival of the trees.

The feature of this tree is that it is made of cedar (Japanese cedar) and finished in solid wood. The tree is not varnished, which makes it highly moisture absorbent. Cedar has a unique aroma and is naturally antibacterial and mothproof, making it an ideal wood for shoe trees.

The form of the tree is designed to be uniquely suited to a wide range of shoes. In a good sense, it can be said that the shape has no individuality. The instep is kept modest to fit a variety of shoes, and the heel area is small and compact so that it does not put a burden on the shoe.

Sometimes, if a shoe tree with a large heel circumference is inserted, the heel of the shoe will become larger, and the shoe will be worn out. We have designed our shoes to avoid such a burden and change as much as possible, and also to keep them beautiful by stretching out the wrinkles.

The vamp also has a spring in it, so it can be used for shoes with a narrower or wider width, and it will also expand to straighten out wrinkles.

The two-stage spring-loaded shoe tree can be used for many types of shoes. This is a simple but important point.

And finally, there is the dull, shiny brass plate of Brift H. This plate has been rusted once and is now ready to be used. These plates are rusted once and then polished one by one before mounting.

The rusting process gives the yellowish brass a bluish tinge, giving it a vintage look and feel. By polishing them ourselves, we inject more love into them.

Each shoe is slightly different from the next, but we hope you will forgive us for that, as they are handmade.

If your shoes do not have shoe trees, please put them in, and if you would like to check the compatibility with your shoes, please contact us at any of our Brift H stores.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

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