Brift H SHOESHINE GIFT BOX commitment

Brift H SHOESHINE GIFT BOX" is a special wooden box filled with Brift H products and tools for a full course of shoe polishing.

Spring is in full swing, and we hope everyone had a chance to view the cherry blossoms. Spring is a good time to review your personal appearance.

This time, we would like to share with you the details of the "Brift H SHOESHINE GIFT BOX" that is perfect for spring. First of all, this box contains a full set of shoe polishers that can even polish shoes to a mirror finish. The contents of this box will please everyone from beginners to those who enjoy shoe polishing.

Product Purpose
Horsehair brush Dusting brush (made in Germany)
Pig Hair Brush Brush for blending cream (Made in Germany)
THE CLEANER ~SOFT~ (German) Liquid Cleaner for Mirror Shine
THE CLEANER for Mirror Shine Wax Removal Cleaner
THE CREAM Emulsifying Nourishing Cream (colorless)
THE WAX Oil-based wax (colorless)
Stain Removal Cloth 5 pieces for stain removal and dry wiping
Red Nel 2 pieces for mirror polishing

We would have liked to include Brift H's famous Edoya special order brushes, but we decided against it because only about a dozen or so can be produced each month and because the price of one brush is too expensive to include in a set.

We searched for the best brushes for the set and found these two types of brushes made in Germany. We use these brushes in our Brift H store, and they are very well balanced in terms of durability and ease of use, both of which are suitable for professional use.

We also have two types of cleaners in the store, and the bottled bottle of THE CLEANER ~SOFT~ is for normal cleaning of stains. We chose the SOFT cleaner so that it is easy to use for beginners and those who do not usually polish mirror surfaces, because the STRONG cleaner is too strong and may damage the leather.

We have included THE CLEANER for MIRROR SHINE because it is a must-have for mirror polishers, and it is also ideal for removing stains from bags and small leather goods.

For nourishment, THE CREAM.

This is our best and most famous cream. It is colorless and can be used on shoes of any color. It would be better to match the color of the cream to the color of the leather, but when it comes to gift-giving, it is often difficult to know what color shoes the recipient has, so the colorless color is a safe choice. We also have a black set, which we recommend as a gift for people who wear a lot of black shoes.

THE WAX has a high wax content and is made to shine well, so just a little bit of THE WAX will make your shoes shiny in no time. For shoe polishers, THE WAX is a useful item to use in combination with your regular wax to bring out the shine.

Two types of cloths are also included. The set contains 5 pieces of cloths for removing stains, which is quite a large quantity compared to other shoe polish sets in the world.

The red nellies used for mirror polish are 2 pieces, and one piece is cut to polish about 5 pairs of shoes.

Lastly, the wooden box that holds the contents is a custom-made fir wood box that we hand-dyed with oil. The oiling process brings out the grain of the wood beautifully and increases the durability of the wooden box itself. After the oil dries, we apply a generous amount of British-made wax to the box, wipe it dry to remove the shine, and finally, we embed a brass plate with the Brift H logo to finish.

Like the leather shoes, the SHOESHINE BOX is made in house with care so that it can be used and cherished for a long time. Although it would be beautiful to varnish the wood, we finish it with "oil and wax" which takes a lot of time and effort from the viewpoint of the original texture and aging of the wood.

I am sure that everyone will feel the high quality and authentic atmosphere the moment they pick it up. We hope you will use this product as a good starting point for your shoeshine business. We are sure that everyone reading this knows that shoeshine can change the angle of your life a little bit. Please give them to your loved ones this spring.

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