Must-Buy of the Month! Practice of Online Shoeshine Service

Our "online shoeshine service" was created to provide the easiest, most convenient, and most authentic shoeshine service available anywhere. Since its launch last year, the number of requests for this service has been increasing every month, and the service has been very well received by our customers. This time, we would like to introduce this product again.

Please visit our website and select the number of shoes you would like to order from the " Online Shoeshine Service

After a few days, we will send you packing materials according to the number of pairs you request. Please pack each pair of shoes one by one to avoid damage, and fill out the order sheet included in the package, which allows you to specify how you would like each pair of shoes to be finished.

Finally, please put the completed packing slip on the package and send it to the post office for pickup.

We are told that this is very convenient because you can make a request without even stepping out of your home. We are proud to say that there is no other more convenient way to pick up your items, so please feel free to use our service.

Here are some photos of some of our customers' requests.

This is a request for a pair of shoes. The entire pair was faded white and dry, so the customer requested "strong color correction" and "plenty of nutrients".

Also, the customer wanted a "gradual shine" rather than a mirror-like surface, so we did not make it shiny, but instead gave it a glossy finish full of moisture. We think the finish is good, even if it is a bit rustic.

Many customers request this service for multiple pairs of shoes at once. The next customer requested this service for two pairs of J.M.Weston shoes that have been worn for a long time.

They are J .M.Weston's famous golf shoes in brown and black. The brown ones in particular have been worn for a long time and show a lot of wrinkles and hardening due to the dryness of the leather. The black ones are less damaged but have some minor scratches on the toes.

The customer requested for "a good color correction," "plenty of nutrition," and "a mirror-like shine," so we polished these shoes with Brift H's original tools.

The shoes are now 120% as attractive as they were before. Especially for the brown color, we applied a lot of THE CREAM twice, so the wrinkles became thinner and the leather became firm and full of moisture.

Lastly, as for the delivery time, it usually takes about 1 week to 10 days to return the item to us, but please understand that the delivery time will change each time you add repairs. Please note that the delivery time will vary depending on the repair or other additions.

Please feel free to ask us to maintain your beloved shoes in preparation for the coming spring. We look forward to working with you.

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Online Shoeshine ServiceOnline Shoeshine Service

Online Shoeshine Service

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