This month's must-buy! SHOESHINE GIFT CARD

After Setsubun, the lunar New Year, the new year begins in earnest, and the world is in the midst of the Valentine's season. Brift H also offers a selection of wonderful shoeshine goods as an alternative to chocolate for Valentine's Day, but this time we would like to introduce the "SHOESHINE GIFT CARD".

This card is a gift card that can be used for 10,500 yen. This gift card can be used not only for shoeshine, but also for the purchase of shoeshine tools and goods. This card can be used as a gift certificate for purchases at the store, such as shoeshine tools, goods, and repairs, and is recommended as a gift for shoe lovers.

I know he/she likes shoes, but I don't know what kind of tools he/she has, and maybe he/she wants to get repairs done. Maybe he wants to have his shoes repaired, or maybe he has never experienced professional shoe shine. This is the perfect gift for those who are not sure.

It is up to you how you use it. You can use it for Valentine's Day, a birthday present for a loved one, a farewell gift for a colleague at work, a reward for a junior colleague, etc.... For your friend who always visits our store with you, or for that person you want to know how wonderful shoeshine is.

Available at
Brift H Aoyama (Aoyama, Tokyo), THE SHOESHINE AND BAR (Toranomon, Tokyo)
Expiration date: 2 years from the date of purchase

This card is also a member's card that can be used repeatedly. It can be used by charging cash or as a point card. We hope you will use this attractive card, which allows you to exchange points for a variety of benefits.

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gift cardgift card

gift card

From ¥4,900 JPY