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It can be used not only for leather goods in general, but also for wooden furniture. Since it is an oil that replenishes oil while removing dirt, it produces a subdued luster that is different from wax creams and waxes. It also keeps leather supple because of its oil content. Shake the bottle well before use, then spread the oil evenly on a soft cloth and massage it in lightly. TAPIR oil has a natural citrus scent.

"What do you really need?" TAPIR is a German brand that uses natural ingredients to polish your shoes.

If too much is applied, it may stain the product, so apply in a thin layer. Also, be sure to close the lid of the bottle before placing it on the table, as the bottle tends to fall over.

Materials: Castor oil, rapeseed oil, vegetable turpentine oil, vinegar
Country of manufacture: Germany

200 ml

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