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As the name suggests, this is an oil-type spray containing animal mink oil, which is often used in Brift H stores to care for bags and leather wear. This is a product that is often used in Brift H stores for bag care and leather wear. We started using it to care for our bags and leatherwear with pure oil without wax, because applying creams that contain wax causes the bags and leatherwear to wipe off white powder. It is easy to use. Spray the spray all over the item you want to care for (*be careful not to overspray). Then leave it on for a few minutes and wipe it dry with a towel to remove excess oil. The entire surface will be moist and shiny. This is a backdoor technique, but it can also be used effectively to revive faded suede. Spraying mink oil spray on yellow, pink, and other colors of suede for which there are no complementary color sprays available in the world will darken the leather slightly with the oil, and the color will come back brightly. This is a technique that you should definitely try. (*But do not over-spray either.)

We strongly recommend that you use this product outdoors, as it is highly irritating and there is a risk of soreness if inhaled. We recommend purchasing this product as a nutritional supplement rather than as a waterproof product.
This product cannot be shipped overseas due to airline hazardous materials. Please note that we will cancel your order if it is shipped overseas. Please understand this in advance.

Country of manufacture: Japan


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