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Rourke Swirl Remake

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Founded in 1880, Rourke is an English gentleman's shoe manufacturer that boasts a history of over 100 years and respects prestige and tradition. These slip-ons are a remake of Rourke's English shoes. Shark soles have been installed to match the modesty of the glass leather, and the soles have been made thicker. Combined with the texture of the leather, it has transformed into a pretty cool shoe.

There are scratches on both toes and on the inside of the left foot cuff. They have been mirror polished to make them less noticeable, but I would not recommend them if you are concerned about them. The coloring has also been applied to the insock because it has been worn so much that the scuffs are noticeable.

Material: glass leather
Country of manufacture: England
Accessories: with tree

Wiz unknown / Total length of sole 30cm / Ball joint 10.5cm / Stacked height of heel (from ground) 3cm

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